Storks is a 3D animated film from 2016 produced by Warner Animation Group and Ratpac-Dune Entertainment. The film is the first of its kind and was officially released on 23rd September 2016. Directed by Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland it featured the voice cast consisting of Andy Samberg, Jennifer Aniston, Katie Crown, Keegan-Michael Key, Kelsey Grammer, Ty Burell, and Jordan Peele.

How to Stream or Download Storks

You can stream it or you can download the full movie from iTunes. The movie is available in 4K, HD and SD with audio in subtitles in several languages. To start streaming or downloading, click on the link below this review.

The Film Review

The Plot

The film focuses on a young human girl named Tulip who works in a Stork based packaging company on the top of a mountain. Tulip, whose address beacon was destroyed when she was an infant baby by one of the Stork workers named Jasper, is considered a burden to the store.

She is particularly despised by the company’s CEO, a stork named Hunter who hires the store’s top deliverer, a stork named Junior, in order to fire her.

Meanwhile, below the mountain lives a human boy named Nate Gardener who sends a letter to the company, asking them for a younger sibling. Tulip receives the letter and puts it in the non-functional baby-making machine which, in turn, produces a pink-haired infant girl.

Afraid that hunter will fire him too, Junior agrees to help Tulip secretly deliver the baby. The two then take the baby and end into all sorts of troubles before finally reaching the mainland.

It is revealed that Jasper had been following the two from Stork mountain as he delivers the news of being able to fix Tilip’s beacon address, thereby giving her the opportunity to meet her parents after all this time.

At the same time, a delivery pigeon employee of the company secretly watches them before going back and telling as to how Tulip and Junior are trying to deliver a baby secretly.

Hunter cleverly traps Junior and has the baby infant girl taken away as she is sentenced to live with the penguins in discretion until she becomes old enough.

Consequently, Tulip and Junior attempt to save the infant as they end up back into the baby producing factory, where they end being surrounded by the rest of the workers.

In order to distract the workers, Junior sends millions of letters into the machine, thereby producing a large number of babies. As a result, the stork building collapses, causing Hunter to fall to his death.

The film ends with the two continuing to remain friends as well as co-bosses. Junior taking control and ordering all the workers to deliver the babies to their respective parents. Meanwhile, Tulip finally gets to meet her real family.

The Movie Production

Having been a 3D animated films, one of the most challenging tasks for the VFX artists was to create the film’s characters, particularly the wolves who could shapeshift into different objects.

VFX company Imageworks was mainly bestowed with this responsibility. According to one of the company’s artists Alan Camilo, the process began by hand-drawing the characters and converting the manual images into possible shapes.

Storks: the Soundtrack

The film’s official soundtrack was composed by Mychael and Jeff Danna. It was released on 16th September 2016 by WaterTower Music.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the film is an entertaining one that has also managed to become a commercial success. It grossed over $30 million in the United States and Canada on its opening weekend. The film also holds an approval rating of 65% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Storks is a comedy animated movie telling a story how storks used to deliver babies but now it changed. Download it and see what actually happened.
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