The reason that I decided to finally watch Succession was all because of a friend of mine. “It is kind of like Arrested Development” was how my friend described it to me. As a huge fan of that show, that was all I needed to hear. There are certainly similarities between Arrested Development and Succession, but this is 100 percent its own thing.

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This is a comedy show, but it is a very smart and clever comedy show. Created by Jesse Armstrong, the satire on offer here is going to make you laugh, feel uncomfortable, and want to go straight into the next episode. As of me writing this, HBO has made three seasons, but a fourth season is on the way.

The premise of Succession is that we have this large media conglomerate called, Waystar RoyCo. The head of this company is Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, but he has become ill and as a result, his children (and some others) need to get ready for a life without him in it.

Logan has four kids and they are all different and have their own ideas and thoughts about what should happen to the company if their dad should pass. Jeremy Strong plays Kendall who will do what he can to rise to power. Sarah Snook plays daughter Shiv, Connor is played by Alan Ruck and is Logan’s kid from his first marriage.

My favorite of the “kids” is Roman who is played by Kieran Culkin who I am a huge fan of. He is kind of like Gob from Arrested Development. He just screws around and much of Logan’s anger and frustration are taken out on him. This is a show that has a real ensemble kind of cast so there are far more people than just that.

What I love about Succession is that it is the kind of show that you just cannot take your eyes off. The way that people are always trying to screw each other over for prominence in the company made me legit laugh out loud on many occasions. The writing and humor here just clicked with me perfectly.

While there is a lot of silliness in the show, it is a very character-driven kind of show. You feel like you get to know these characters and when something goes down, you do often wonder how so and so will end up reacting to it. Seeing the family members have to work together sometimes often results in hilarity too!

As this is a massive company, outside takeovers, millions of debts and other “irregularities” are regular occurrences in this world. It is not just the situations, but the way the characters react to them that really make this such a fun and hilarious show. It is one of the better shows that HBO has done in the last few years.

As you can tell, this is a show that I have really enjoyed since it started just a couple of years ago. If you are in the mood for a smart and hilarious kind of comedy show, not many in recent years are better than Succession. Get in on this now and you can be all caught up before the fourth season starts!

Succession (TV series)
Succession is a comedy-drama TV series about a wealthy family who won a big media company. Download it now and have fun.
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