I will admit that I only ended up watching Suits when the whole Meghan Merkle thing became international news, that was when I actually heard about the show. While I am sure many other people were the same, I am pleased to say that Suits is a solid legal drama show with some interesting characters.

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Ok, so I do need to clarify that as of writing, I am only on season four of Suits, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on it. The first episode is one of the strongest “pilot” episodes I have seen for a drama. It got me invested right away and that night after watching the first episode, I ended up watching another two right after it.

The premise of the show is that we have this college dropout called Mike Ross. Mike ends up running drugs for a “friend” as he needs the money for his family. Turns out, this is a sting operation and Mike ends up getting himself into a whole heap of trouble, but Mike has a brilliant mind that is going to get him out of this!

You see, Mike has a photographic memory and he somehow ends up at a prestigious law firm! The way that this happens is really cool and a huge part of why I got such a kick out of the show and so invested so early on. I feel that they do a great job of making you like Mike right from the start.

At this law firm, we have a hotshot lawyer called Harvey Specter. Harvey Specter is pretty much what you would expect from a New York lawyer. Harvey can be arrogant, but he has a good heart and he takes a liking to Mike and sees some real potential there thanks to his smarts and that photographic memory. He ends up taking Mike under his wing and has him working for him at the law firm!

Even though Mike does not have the qualifications to be a lawyer, his smarts make him and Harvey a fantastic legal team. There is a good mentor/student kind of relationship as Harvey takes him under his wing. They have a couple of allies in the law firm in Donna his assistant and Rachel (the role that Megan Markle plays) that eventually come to find out the secret as well.

All is not plain sailing for this legal team as it turns out there are a lot of politics to navigate at a top New York City law firm. There is Jessica, a top partner at the law firm and there is also this douchebag called Louis that is Harvey’s rival. I think that the show starts off incredibly strong and those first two seasons are so much fun.

However, I did find that by season three, Suits was starting to lose me a bit. The thing is, I could not give you a reason as to why. I think that some shows are better when you come into them later and can binge-watch the whole series at your leisure. However, on the flip side of that, I also think there are some shows that work better when you space them out such as the once-a-week method.

Going forward, I think that I am going to space out Suits and watch the odd episode here and there in between stuff. I do like the show, but I could see myself calling it quits before I get to that ninth and final season. I will say that I do love the whole “Ney York” vibe that the show has going on which gives it a very cool style. If you are into legal dramas, give Suits a try, it is far more than just the show that made Megan Merkel famous!

Suits is a legal drama TV series that spans nine seasons and 134 episodes. Download it now and follow the story of Mike Ross.
7.5 Total Score
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  • That first season was fantastic!
  • I liked the comradery of the team and
  • Mike and Harvey have a fun student/mentor thing going on
  • The New York setting was really cool
  • I would probably rate seasons 1 and 2 at 8.5, but I started to lose interest after this
  • I am not 100 percent confident that the show would keep me invested until the end
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