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Talk To Me is one of those movies that I feel like I saw a trailer for about a million years ago! I am sure I saw a trailer for this late last year, anyway, this is finally here and the wife and I had an absolute blast watching this the other night in our local theatre. If you are a horror fan, I highly recommend that you go and make the effort to try and see this in your theatre.

How to Download Talk To Me

You can expect to be able to download or stream the film from a digital platform, such as Amazon Prime Video when some time passes from its theatrical release. Click on the Download button at the end of this review to check the current availability. If you like horror films, check out also Evil Dead Rise or Nefarious.

Talk To Me: A Long-Awaited Horror Flick: A Movie Review

The brotherly duo of Danny and Michael Philippou are the ones that have brought Talk To Me to life. On the surface, this is your typical spirit/possession style of horror movie with a teenage cast. However, I do feel that this has its own kind of modern feel to it and makes for an interesting take on the way that spirits and evil entities possess people.

Unveiling the Premise

The premise of Talk To Me is that these two teenagers called Haley and Joss host these wild parties that have a strange “gimmick”. These are no normal teen parties, they have this severed hand that belonged to a medium that they can use to conjure spirits! It is wild stuff and a different take than the same old Ouija board we have seen in movies like this a million times before.

Introducing the Protagonist

I would say that our main character is 17-year-old Mia who is dealing with her mother’s death. Mia along with her best friend Jade and Jade’s brother Riley attend one of these parties. The idea is that you hold the hand and say “talk to me” and you can allow a spirit to possess you! It is totally the kind of thing you could imagine today’s teenagers doing for “views” on social media!

A Dark Turn of Events

To say that things go horribly wrong is a massive understatement. There are rules that they follow to make playing around with spirits as safe as it can be. The rules are you cannot be possessed for more than 90 seconds and you must blow out the candle once the “ritual” is done so that the possession is over.

Unfolding the Horror

Of course, this does not work and Riley ends up possessed and trying to kill himself, he must be put into a comma to stop him from trying to end his own life. Even worse is Mia! Mia is starting to see what she thinks is the spirit of her mother and it is leading her down a dark and dangerous path!

The Horror Experience

Talk To Me is just a really fun horror movie. I would not say that it was super scary, but it does have a few jump scares and some pretty gruesome body horror. There is a scene with an eye that my wife who usually has a strong stomach for this stuff had to turn her head away from!

A Twist in the Tale

My only complaint and this is more of a personal thing here is the ending. It is kind of funny as some people I know love this ending, but for me, it was very predictable and I would have been more shocked if the movie ended on a positive note. It is not a bad ending, I just saw it coming a mile away, especially in the build-up to it.

Final Verdict: A Theatrical Horror Delight

Still, even with the predictable ending, Talk To Me is another fun horror movie for 2023. It is awesome that more movies like this are getting a theatrical run, which by the way I am not sure how long it will be as the opening weekend in my theatre it was only on three times on one screen so be sure to see this while you can.

Talk To Me
Talk To Me is a supernatural horror film about teenagers who contact spirits using a hand sculpture. Download it and see what happened.
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Talk To Me Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • A couple of the jump scares got me!
  • This was a unique take on the whole possession story we have seen before
  • It has some pretty gruesome special effects
  • It was a fun experience to have in a movie theatre
  • I found the ending to be very predictable
  • Some might find some of the gore a bit too much to handle!
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