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I literally just finished watching the entire first season of Ted the TV series and I loved it! Ted is the first awesome TV series of 2024 for me, I loved every second of it. If you love the gross-out offensive humor of the two Ted movies and the other Seth Macfarlane shows, you are going to have a ton of fun with this. Ted is a Peacock Original and all seven episodes of the first season are on there right now.

How to Download Ted (TV series)

Ted TV series premiered on January 11, 2024. You can download or stream the film from Peacock TV. Click on the Download button at the end of this review.

The Movie Review: A Nostalgic and Humorous Prequel

I love both Ted and Ted 2 and was made that they never made a Ted 3. Ted the series is not Ted 3, this is actually a prequel. It takes place in the early 90s with John Bennett and his bear that came to life, Ted, navigating the dangers of high school and growing up. It is such a simple premise, but they honestly could not have pulled this off any better.

My high school days were in the 90s so I get a huge kick out of this, but the 90s setting is not as on the nose here as some other shows that take place in the 80s and 90s that use the time period as a nostalgic crutch! Each of the seven episodes is its own contained story, but there are things that do create a small link between everything.

Exploring the Bennett Family Dynamics in Ted

I would say that Ted is basically a coming-of-age story about family. As well as John and Ted, we have Matty who is the foul-mouthed father of the family, and his loving wife, Susan who wants nothing more than her family to be happy. I love the family dynamic here and think that Max Burkholder and Alana Ubach are great in these roles.

There is one other Bennett family member who lives in this house, Blaire who is Matty and Susan’s niece and John’s cousin. Blaire is in her early 20s and is a college student with completely opposite views to Matty. A great deal of the laughs from this show came from the back and forth with Blair and Matty. Giorgia Wigham who plays Blaire has great chemistry with Max Burkholder.

The Unique Charm and Humor of Ted

Each episode has its own story that ends up getting out of control. The first episode, for example, sees Ted getting into trouble while everyone is out of the house, so he is made to go to school with John. After this, we get to see John and Ted navigate high school as they deal with crazy teachers, a big bully, and sex!

What impressed me about this show is that it is not just all about John and Ted. Matty, Susan, and Blaire all get their own time to shine and have a lot of character development considering there are only seven episodes. As much as I love Ted, I have to say that Matty was my favorite character.

The episode that I liked the best had to be episode six, Matty makes a wish and ends up having his toy truck come to life and he is called Dennis. Dennis has some pretty wild and crazy views and the offensive stuff he was saying had me legit laughing out loud. That brings me to a major point about Ted the series.

Ted: A Series for Fans of Seth MacFarlane’s Humor

This show is not for those who are easily offended. It is a very typical Seth MacFarlane series as far as the humor goes. The language and the stuff that is said pulls no punches and I love this kind of thing. However, if you felt that the two Ted movies were a bit much, the series takes things even further.

As I write this a second season has not been confirmed, but I feel that there are so many more stories that could be told about the Bennett family so I hope that they do come back for a season 2. The only negative that I have is that sometimes, Ted looked a bit off, not quite as high quality as he does in the movies, but that is a minor nitpick at most and my wife said she felt he looked just the same.

Final Verdict: A Must-Watch for Ted and Comedy Fans

I loved Ted the series! This show was pretty much perfect for me and I want more of it! I can see myself watching all seven episodes over and over again as I found them so funny. I hope that Peacock releases this physically as I will be there on day one! If you like Ted and Seth MacFarlane’s brand of humor you will love this.

Ted (TV series)
Ted: The TV Series is a hilarious, edgy prequel filled with Seth MacFarlane's trademark humor, exploring Ted and John's teen years. Download it now.
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Ted (TV series) Review Summary

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  • At its core, this is a coming of age story and a story about family
  • The humor is offensive, and over the top and I loved it
  • All seven episodes are hilarious
  • If you liked the Ted movies, you have to watch this!
  • This is not for those who are easily offended!
  • On a couple of occasions, I thought Ted looked a bit off
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