The Beekeeper

Jason Statham is one of those actors where you pretty much know exactly what you are in for when he is the star of the movie. I am not saying that is a bad thing, I love Jason Statham action movies and The Beekeeper is about as typical a Jason Statham movie as you are going to get! That means if you like crazy action movies that are just all about action, you will have a fun time with this.

How to Download The Beekeeper

The Beekeeper was released on January 12, 2024. You can expect to be able to download or stream the film from a digital platform in about two months from its release date. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the availability. If you like Jason Statham, check him out also in his previous films such as Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, Fast X, Meg 2: The Trench, and Expend4bles.

The Movie Review: A High-Octane Action Thriller

The Beekeeper has quite the action movie pedigree. It is directed by David Ayer who has action movies like Street Kings and Suicide Squad to his name. The script was written by Kurt Wimmer who also wrote Street Kings so these two have worked together before. I think that these make for a great due for an action movie.

Jason Statham plays the role of a soft-spoken and kind man called Adam Clay. Adam is a beekeeper and lives in the garage of a sweet old lady called Eliose. Eloise is such a nice lady, while we only get to see her for a short while the movie does a wonderful job of getting the point across that this is a woman who was all about helping people.

Engaging Storyline with a Real-World Connection

Sadly, Eloise is the target of scammers and they manage to scam her out of 2 million dollars and much of this money was for charity! This is a very real thing that is happening all over the world right now so it does seem very fitting. My grandfather was nearly scammed by an operation like this, so it is something that is very real for a lot of people.

While it was not her fault, Eloise feels responsible and embarrassed and she takes her own life! This is a brutal scene and when Adam finds her, you can tell that he cared for and respected her a great deal. He is arrested initially, but he is released when it is proved that her death was a suicide.

Action-Packed Revenge and Secret Organizations

Look, if you are reading this, I am sure you have seen the trailer so you know the deal! Adam finds out who did this scam and tears them down! This leads to a huge quest that he goes on, taking down this organization until he gets all the way to the top. I have to say that the first building and the main dude that he takes down are so satisfying!

While The Beekeeper is all about action, it has been said that bad-ass over-the-top action movies from the ’90s were the inspiration. I do think that they tried to create a lore and do some world-building with these “Beekeepers”. Beekeepers are a secret shadow organization that keeps the country safe no matter what and will do things that the FBI and CIA cannot!

Final Thoughts: The Beekeeper’s Target Audience

The action in this movie is great, seriously some of the best stuff from Jason Statham. I knew it was going to be wild, but some of the action scenes and the kills are just brutal! I do not mean that in a bad way, most of the people that Adam takes down deserve it so seeing them get what is coming to them was very entertaining.

If you like Jason Statham and you like action movies, you will like this. If you are not keen on action movies or Jason Statham…. Why the heck would you go and see this? The Beekeeper is a movie that is made for a specific audience and I am confident that the audience it is made for is going to love it!

The Beekeeper
The Beekeeper (2024) is a typical Jason Statham action-packed thriller, delivering intense scenes and a revenge-driven plot with finesse. Download it and have fun.
9 Total Score
The Beekeeper Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • This is very typical Jason Statham and that is awesome
  • Some of the kills are brutal and a lot of fun
  • If you love action movies, you will have a ton of fun with this
  • I appreciate that they tried to also tell an engaging story here
  • It is only for those that love crazy Jason Statham action movies
  • Some poor action fan will drag their partner to this and then never hear the end of it!
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