Steven Spielberg’s take on the Roald Dhal classic, The BFG is what I would describe as a nice movie. This is like classic Spielberg, back when he made movies about friendship and characters bonding. While this is not the most exciting movie I have ever seen, it was still entertaining and a nice take on the all-time classic story.

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The Movie Review

Being from the UK, I grew up with the BFG. I remember reading the book in primary school and having to critique the book in secondary school and I even have fond memories of the animated movie from the late 80s. It is a story that is truly timeless and easily one of the top three Roald Dhal stories for me.

I got pretty excited when I heard that there was a live-action BFG movie coming. I got even more excited when I heard that Steven Spielberg was the director and that the very talented Mark Rylance would be playing the titular character. I think that as far as book adaptations go, this one is pretty solid.

We have this little lonely girl who lives in an orphanage called Sophie. Sophie is freaking adorable and the performance by Ruby Barnhill is one of the best I have ever seen from a child actor. It is even more incredible when you consider that most of the acting she was doing was against a green screen.

One night, Sophie is looking out the window and sees the BFG! The BFG grabs Sophie and takes her to his home, Giant Country. In typical Spielberg fashion, Giant Country is amazing and like something from a child’s dream. It is truly fantastic stuff and it is one of the best-looking movies from the year it was made; it is a damn shame it was so overlooked.

Anyway, The BFG tells Sophie he cannot let her leave as she cannot reveal to humanity that giants exist. Things are made dangerous though as the BFG is a bit of an anomaly. You see the other giants that live in Giants County capture and eat children! This sounds like it may be scary for kids, but The BFG is a very, very tame movie, there is not much in the way of serious peril here at all if I am being honest and that is perhaps the one criticism I have.

The real heart of the movie is the bond between Sophie and the BFG. These two just grow closer and closer as the movie progresses and you grow to legit love both characters. You get more invested in both characters and it is interesting that despite being so different on the surface, they are so alike deep inside.

I would not say that this adaptation of The BFG is an absolute timeless classic, to be honest, I think I still prefer the 1989 animated movie. However, this is such a “nice” film and the perfect movie to watch on a family movie night if you want something, warm, heartfelt, and not scary for the little kids.

The BFG is a fantasy adventure film based on the novel by British writer Roald Dahl (1916-1990). Download it now and see what happened to 10-year-old Sophie.
7.5 Total Score
The BFG Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • This really is a visually stunning movie
  • The two lead characters are great and have wonderful chemistry
  • If you want a movie that is fun and safe for younger children this is perfect
  • It feels like a movie that Spielberg would have made back in the 80s
  • The movie does play it a bit safe; I wish it was just a tad darker and had more peril for the characters
  • Older children may not be as entertained by this, my son when he saw this was 12 and was “too cool” for it
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