The Blackening

The Blackening is a horror comedy that had me laughing throughout most of the movie. The Blackening is brought to us by director Tim Story whose work I have enjoyed over the years such as Barbershop and Ride Along and I will admit I have a soft spot for his Fantastic Four movies as well.

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What we have here is a movie that is greatly playing at poking fun of black racial stereotypes in the horror genre and it is pretty damn funny. When I saw the poster for this and it said “we can’t all die first” I knew that this was going to be a movie that horror fans would get a real kick out of.

The basic premise of the movie is something that we horror fans have seen a million times before. We have a group of friends hanging out for the weekend in a cabin in the woods. The movie does a great job of poking fun at many of the classic horror tropes that we all just accept these days.

Of course, you cannot stay at a cabin in the woods in a horror movie without a killer showing up and causing you some trouble. Only this killer is really weird as he wants the friends to play a game called “The Blackening”. The Blackening is a trivia game about black history and the lack of knowledge about black history that these people have is hilarious.

The thing I loved the best about this movie was the comradery between the friends. The way that they would bicker, bring up the past, but also be there for each other was something that was very amusing to me. You could imagine a group of friends actually being like this if they were to stay in a cabin in the woods for a weekend.

The horror and suspense in The Blackening is fun too. I thought it was awesome how the killer’s weapon of choice was a crossbow and how people would just get blasted with an arrow through the neck or wherever. It is rather predictable, but that is by design as this is a movie that is having fun with the classic horror movie tropes.

I found myself having to put my hand over my mouth for many parts of the movie so I would not disturb the rest of the theatre with my laughing! This was one of the most positive movie theatre experiences I have been in for quite some time as everyone was having a fun time watching this. I was not sure my wife would dig it, but even she was laughing at many parts of the movie.

The Blackening is a funny comedy horror that has a bit of tension and a couple of neat twists to it as well. I found the movie to be a lot of fun and I highly recommend that you check it out. I will say that my theatre only had this one twice per day so you might want to see it sooner than later as I cannot see this having a long theatrical run.

The Blackening
The Blackening is a mix of comedy and horror that was released in 2023. Download it and enjoy the funny story.
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