The Color Purple

My wife had a really hard time getting me to go and see this in the theatre. I am so glad that I did go though as The Color Purple is fantastic and one of the best musicals I have seen in the last decade. I will admit that I was ignorant of the stage show and the movie from the 80s and I was kind of mind-blown to find out that Steven Spielberg was behind that, so I went into this having just seen one trailer.

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The Movie Review: A Powerful Emotional Journey

Now, my wife loved the original movie and she was very excited to see this and she loved it, she actually said it was the best movie that she had seen in the theatre in the last couple of years! The thing is, I went into this thinking it was a happy period piece with lots of singing and dancing and it certainly does have that, however, I was not prepared for the brutal emotional roller coaster that I would be taken on.

The story of the movie is about a woman called Celie and she is growing up in Georgia and we first see her in 1909. The movie spans many decades of her life and boy what a rough life Celie has. The start of this movie is brutal, we see Celie abused by her father and then abused by a man called “Mister” whom she is basically given to by her father.

Standout Performances Elevate The Color Purple

Celie has it rough but with her tough spirit and those who care for her and whom she also cares for. Her tough spirit is able to shine through and I would ultimately say that The Color Purple is a story about love and hope. It is truly powerful stuff and while it does have some funny moments and some great songs. There are also many parts of the movie that will hit you like a truck with how hard they are.

What really makes this movie is the performances and I want to single out a few of them, which is a bit harsh as everyone in this movie is fantastic. Fantasia Barrino plays Celie and she is amazing! She actually played her in the stage show so that is why she nails it, but it is not just her singing. She has this real raw and powerful energy that makes you love her and also breaks your heart when the world is being well and truly crappy to her.

Final Thoughts on The Color Purple

Now, the absolute star of this movie and what sold me on going to see it was the portrayal of Sofia who was played by Danielle Brooks. When I watched the trailer, I said to my wife “Is that Tasty from Orange Is the New Black?” and that was what made me decide to make the effort to go and see this in the theater. Danielle Brooks is amazing. She steals every scene that she is in and the way she can go from being serious to making you smile is truly incredible.

Another role that is amazing is that of Mister. Mister is played by Colmon Domingo who I knew from Fear the Walking Dead and I can see him becoming a huge star thanks to his role here. I hated him and I mean hated him! He is a truly despicable character, but they do have small moments where you sort of see that he could change. He pulls this off so well that I may have a hard time watching him next time I do a Fear the Walking Dead rewatch!

I cannot recommend The Color Purple highly enough. I went in with rather low expectations and I was blown away by this. I enjoyed it so much that I want to see the 1985 original to see how this compares to it. Without a doubt, this will be a movie that I buy on day one when it is released on 4K.

The Color Purple
The Color Purple is an emotionally powerful musical adaptation, showcasing raw performances and a story of resilience and hope. Download it.
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The Color Purple Review Summary

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  • This movie is full of amazing performances
  • It has some excellent musical numbers
  • Some of it is very hard-hitting and tough
  • By the time the credits roll, you feel amazing for having gone through this
  • If you are not into musicals, you will probably not enjoy this
  • As I have not seen the musical or the original, I cannot speak for how it compares to them
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