The Conjuring

When the creator of the Saw film franchise asked to create something new, you do not refuse him. Lucky for us, neither did New Line Cinema and Warner Bros Pictures refuse. Then, the birth of The Conjuring film series happened. This is a film series that is so influential, that it has essentially taken over the horror film market. Ever since its original release in 2013, The Conjuring is known as one of the most memorable horror films of all time.

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The Movie Review

Directed by James Wan, the creator of the Saw films, The Conjuring is a film about people trying to survive through supernatural entities. However, to give us a better outlook of how these entities work the director has given us the point of view of some supernatural hunters of sorts. And the story follows these supernatural investigators, as they investigate a supernatural influence inside of the House of a local family.

The Perrons, Roger and Carolyn as well as their five daughters; Andrea, Nancy, April, Cindy, and Christine move into their new house. Though there is something very clearly wrong with this house, as their dog Sadie refuses to enter it and the basement has a lock on it.

Supernatural events start to occur, and as the paranormal begins to take over more and more the family they have no choice but to contact the demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.

From then on forward, the film is a chaotic rollercoaster ride as Ed and Lorraine tried to understand what is going on within this household. The way the director shapes this film is entirely around the family and their young daughters in particular.

They are the ones that see the paranormal influence at the start. They are also the ones that are most distressed by these paranormal activities, yet it is soon found out that they aren’t the only ones being targeted in the family.

James Wan has actually done a great job at figuring out the best cast to play specific roles. Vera Farmiga as the intelligent Lorraine Warren and Patrick Wilson as her husband the eccentric Ed Warren are a match made in heaven. The two have great chemistry and bounce off of each others’ lines very efficiently.

Ron Livingston and Shanley Caswell Play the terrified parents from the Perron family to perfection as well, While the rest of the cast such as the children play their parts beautifully as well. The fear and the terror are conveyed amazingly through their acting alone, while the rest of the work is done by James Wan and his terrifying direction.

The film desperately builds upon familiar and popular horror tropes such as the door creaks, dark figures in the shadows, odd occurrences around the household, random bruises, and literal demons. The cinematography in this film isn’t something exceptional, yet it serves its purpose quite well despite the low lighting setup of the film.

Did I mention that this film was created on a strict 20 million budget? Well, it managed to earn 300 million more than its budget. Why wouldn’t it? The film is a downright banger off a horror flick. It satisfies all of our horror needs, by being both terrifying and creepy yet still having those original horror tropes that keep films like these grounded.

The soundtrack of The Conjuring plays a huge role in why it is so scary, the terror that the sounds of bells and whistles create is something exceptional. I always enjoy her film soundtracks even though I have stopped watching a film, maybe it’s a weird thing to do yet it is respectful of the art.

These soundtracks are hard to make, they may sound generic yet they have a lot of depth to them. The soundtrack in The Conjuring was created by Joseph Bishara Who had previously worked with the director on the film known as Insidious.

The Bottom Line

So in conclusion, James wan’s The Conjuring is something very unique in the horror genre. It is a film that both celebrates the horror tropes and breaks away from them in numerous ways. The film has everything going for it, from its great storytelling to its amazing direction and soundtrack. If only it had a little bit better cinematography then it could have been a much better film overall.

The Conjuring
The Conjuring is a 2013 horror film that is also the first one in the Conjuring Universe series. Download it now and enjoy the plot.
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