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Say what you want about Pixar, but I feel that DreamWorks have nearly as many hits as well. One of their more unsung movies if you ask me is The Croods. The Croods actually did really well at the box office, spawned a TV series and has had a sequel in the works for some time. Still, it is a movie that far too many folks have forgotten about.

How to Stream or Download The Croods

The movie can be streamed or downloaded online from iTunes. And if you like animated movies about prehistoric times you should also download and check out Early Man.

The Movie Review

The Croods if you were to see the trailer for it looks like a silly movie about cave people who act just like we do. The fact of the matter is, while there are a lot of jokes in The Croods. It is more of a story about how change affects us all and in order to grow, we all must embrace at least some kind of change. For a movie that has a lot of laughs it sure does make you think and maybe even shed a tear or two.

While The Croods is an extended family there are really three main characters in the movie. The dad and leader, Grug who is played by Nicolas Cage. Eep the teenage and curious daughter who is played by Emma Stone and the mysterious, clever and handsome Guy who is played by Ryan Reynolds. Do not get me wrong the rest of the family have their moments, but these are the three main stars of the movie

Grug is an overprotective, but very well-meaning dad who just wants to keep his family safe. They have already survived one disaster thanks to playing it safe and staying in their cave so he is very reluctant to make any changes. His teenage daughter Eep fights him every step of the way as she has a more curious and adventurous personality.

This leads her to venture out of the cave and run into Guy. Guy warns her of an apocalyptic level event coming and tells her to run. She tells her family, but of course her dad does not listen… well he should off because something bad happens and they find themselves at the mercy of this messed up prehistoric world they live in.

I say prehistoric, but the people behind the movie were really clever in making up their own take on a prehistoric world. This made for some very imaginative creature designs and they all are kind of like two animals put together. I think this is really awesome and it makes for some very memorable creatures.

While I think all of the characters have their place in the movie. For me, it is Grug who is the most memorable. He is such a real character and even when he is being a bit of a hardass, you know he is doing it out of love. He is so reluctant to change, not just through stubbornness, but because he is so scared for his families safety. It is pretty touching stuff and the part right at the end is really emotional.

The Croods is a movie that has it all. It has many funny moments, it has a lot of seriousness and the family is one that is held together with love. I thought the writing was great, the voice acting and the world that they created is truly very imaginative. The Croods is one of the better movies from the people at DreamWorks and great for both kids and adults.

The Croods
The Croods is an animated movie about a family of cavemen who one day leave their shelter and set out for an adventure. Download it now and have a great time.
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