The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2 is an action-adventure film produced by Columbia Pictures, Escape Artists, Zhiv Productions, Mace Neufeld Productions, and Picture Farm. The film is a sequel to The Equalizer and is directed by Antoine Fuqua. The Equalizer 2 was released on 20th July 2018 and mainly features the cast of Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders, Bill Pullman, and Melissa Leo.

How to Stream or Download The Equalizer 2

To stream or to download the movie go to iTunes To stream or to download in full HD with subtitles and audio in several languages. To start, click on the Download button at the end of this review. First, be sure to check out the trailer.

The Plot

The Equalizer 2 continues the story of Robert McCall who now lives in a diverse apartment complex in Massachusetts and works as a Lyft driver. After one of his old passengers asks him to look for a painting of his sister, McCall asks Susan to investigate the paintings. McCall soon discovers that his apartment has been vandalized as he encounters a friend named Miles Whittaker.

Meanwhile, Susan is murdered by one of the antagonists of the film after she gets home from investigating a murder-suicide in Brussels. McCall also encounters an assailant but manages to restrain him and gain access to his phone which reveals that McCall’s former partner, Dave York, was responsible for murdering Susan.

McCall then goes after York and his accomplices who end up ambushing his apartment along with kidnapping Miles. Due to a hurricane, McCall returns to his seaside home where he lures Miles and his accomplices to take them on directly one by one.

After killing his accomplices, McCall climbs up the watchtower where York is positioned and after an intense fight between the two, McCall manages to push him over, thereby killing him at the end. The film ends as McCall looks over Susan’s information and manages to reunite Sam with his long-lost sister.

Just when we thought McCall couldn’t get any cooler, we get to see the ex-government agent better than ever at murdering his enemies. Denzel Washington does an immaculate job in his role as Robert McCall. Through his intense acting, Washington gives out this specific persona as a lone and deadly wolf who stealthily takes down anyone who tries to go against him.

The Making of The Equalizer 2

One of the filmmakers, Fuqua, claims that Washington’s comfort zone is him playing a violent character. Supporting Washington in his acting is the film’s main storyline. The filmmakers have done an amazing job by containing the story in a more relative sense. The plot of the film is solid and precise, it doesn’t drag the storyline or any of its characters, rather, it mostly just sticks to the point just enough to make the viewers understand the seriousness of the situation shown.

The Soundtrack

Moving on to the official soundtrack of the film, Harry Gregson-Williams was contacted once again to compose the main score which was released by Sony Classical.

The Review

Overall, The Equalizer 2 is one of those underrated gems which has not been given its due credit. Even with its intense action and fantastic acting, the film, so far, has only managed to gross over $72 million at the box office. Needless to say, the film has some mind-boggling action with a solid storyline which makes it an amazing film to watch in the cinemas.

The Equalizer 2
The Equalizer 2 is a sequel to a thriller from 2014. it tells a story of Central Intelligence Agency black ops operative. Download the film and see what he is up to this time.
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