The Firm (1993)

1993 was perhaps one of the best years for films. It might not have been a year as good as its successor 1994, but it was still a year of timeless classics coming out left and right. Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, The Nightmare Before Christmas, A Bronx Tale, Carlito’s Way, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Groundhog Day, and MANY more films came out that year, however, one of the underliers in that year was a little-known film called The Firm. It starred an up-and-coming actor named Tom Cruise, who had been making strides and making a name for himself in Hollywood at a breakneck pace.

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The Movie Review

After working his way through Harvard Law School, a young man named Mitch who has spent his life living in a trailer park has recently landed his dream job with a prestigious white shoe law firm in Memphis, Tennessee. His wife Abby is by his side as he rises to the top. However, it ends up being a horrifying nightmare. A Chicago crime family uses the firm to launder the money of the mob, and the firm loves them as their principal client.

Denton Voyles, the FBI’s director, and tough agent Wayne Tarrance are pressuring Mitch to infiltrate and gather evidence that could lead to his disbarment for breaking the lawyer-client privilege. The Firm is not a group of boy scouts though; they have a security officer named Bill DeVasher who is quite skilled at trapping and extortion.

Legal dramas and lawyer movies were hugely popular in the early 1990s. It’s not surprising that John Grisham’s writings, like The Firm, are quite well-known. Despite a stuffy running length and a very murky plot, the big-screen adaptation is a genuinely suspenseful, character-driven thriller that succeeds. The screenplay is strong, yet at times the overall plot might be confusing.

This 154-minute film is a good blend of drama and suspense concerning corporate malfeasance. The movie stars a recognizable cast, and once the action starts, this plot turns into one that is quite stressful. Here, Sydney Pollack executed most of the plot points flawlessly. The way that everything transpires is almost akin to the John Grisham novels. After watching this movie, you could be wary of everything.

Both Tom Cruise, who plays the hotshot attorney, and Jeanne Tripplehorn, who portrays his disgruntled wife, are excellent. The story of The Firm revolves around how Mitch escapes this predicament. He has a chic supporting cast led by Sydney Pollak, and they all do well. Because this movie was a surefire hit, even actors like Gary Busey, Hal Holbrook, and Gene Hackman play essentially secondary roles. As Friday, the secretary and assistant to private eye Gary Busey, Holly Hunter received an Oscar nomination.

The Visuals

I believe that the cinematographer works a lot of magic here. A thriller needs to hide certain things, show some things, create ambiance and mystery, and aesthetically, that is represented well through extensive use of colors and mood in this high-powered legal drama. Things are frequently neatly framed and usually well done. The film’s score by Dave Grusin offers a suitable level of sophistication.

Sound & Music

The jazzy piano score is really appealing, though occasionally cheery, it enhances the movie. The Oscars were a little strange even compared to now when people slap each other around at the award shows. Despite that, David Grusin’s score for this film did get nominated for the best original soundtrack.

The Verdict

The Firm is a compelling drama film with many compelling dramatic moments littered throughout its massive run time. The two and a half hours of primarily walk and conversation scenes might grow tedious at times, but The Firm has its moments and benefits. From the outstanding acting to the excellent cinematography and score to the masterful manner it creates tension and suspense, it can hold your attention and keep your eyes glued to the screen.

The Firm (1993)
The Firm is a legal thriller from 1993 that is based on a novel by John Ray Grisham Jr. (1955). Download it now and have a fantastic time.
7.5 Total Score
The Firm (1993) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Great performances from the star-studded cast
  • A high-level suspense thriller
  • Great soundtrack that elevates the film
  • Cinematography is technically good and pleasant to the eyes
  • 154 Minutes can feel a bit too much for most audiences
  • The screenplay suffers from the same repetitive walking and talking scenes
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