The Forever Purge

Despite some of the movies and the TV show getting mixed reviews, The Purge is a franchise that I have always had a lot of fun with. The Forever Purge is a sequel to The Purge: Election Year which was released in 2016 and I thought that the trailers and the premise were quite interesting.

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The movie is set in the year 2048 and The New Founding Fathers of America are in charge of the government. They decided to bring back the annual purge where all crime is legal for 12 hours. The movie is trying way too hard to be political with the New Founding Fathers of America spawning a bunch of followers who are full of hate and racist to people they deem not to be true Americans.

There is this migrant couple who are just trying to live the American dream called Juan and Adela and they decide to hide away from the Purge in this walled-off community. Things seem good until all hell breaks loose. A group of people called The Purge Purification Force have decided to kill all those they deem not to be American and that the Purge rules need to last forever!

Canada and Mexico have stated that their borders will be open for 6 hours for those looking to escape this “Ever After Purge”. I think that the whole premise here is really cool, but the execution just kind of does not work. To start with I never felt any connection to any of the characters in the movie. I liked the idea of the trouble that Juan and Adela had to go through, but they never gave me a huge reason to actually care about them.

You have no idea how much I wanted to love this movie! The whole thing with The new Founding Fathers of America which was set up in the last movie was something I thought was really cool. In The Forever Purge though, it comes across as a bit of a preachy political message that had me rolling my eyes more often than not.

I do not come into a Purge movie expecting Citizen Kane! However, the whole movie just lacks the fun, suspense, and thrill ride that the other movies have provided me with over the years. Even if you come into this wanting to see some over-the-top violence, you are going to be disappointed as most of the gruesome stuff goes down when the camera cuts away.

There are some franchises that just run their course and I certainly feel that is the case with The Purge. I would not say that The Forever Purge is the worst movie that I have ever seen, but it is pretty much an instantly forgettable one. I would be very, very shocked if there was anything new from The Purge after this unless they decide that they are going to fully reboot the entire franchise.

The Forever Purge
The Forever Purge is a 2021 horror movie set in a dystopian world and the fifth title in the famous series. Download it now.
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