The Hateful Eight

The director Quentin Tarantino is known for a few things that he has created during his time in the film industry. It’s either bringing a ton of violence to conventional films, creating hilarious films out of pure conversation, or his most commonly used thing; long scenes. These long scenes have solidified him as a true auteur in Hollywood, who inspires and creates films that are beyond the overall scope of convention yet beloved by critics and audiences alike.

He really caught the massive audiences’ eyes with that style of filmmaking, it was something that wasn’t found in conventional films yet it wasn’t something that you couldn’t really watch as a normal viewer who just wants to relax in a movie. The Hateful Eight is his most prime example of these long scenes, as it’s a film situated entirely in one location. It’s the story of a group of weary and terrifying travelers, caught inside a cabin on a very snowy day.

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The Movie Review

The story follows a couple of characters within quick succession, as it is set inside of an isolated cabin during a snowstorm in a hilly area. The film starts with a bounty hunter, a convict, and another bounty hunter all coming to terms and sharing a ride to a nearby cabin to wait out the storm. Upon reaching there, they find a host of other characters within the story; Red Rock’s new hangman Oswaldo Mobray, a new keeper at the cabin named Bob, a cowboy named Joe Gage, Sheriff Chris Mannix, and Sanford Smithers, a Confederate general traveling to bury his son.

The posse of characters starts to converse and get to know each other more and more through dialogue. Eventually, though, secrets are unveiled and old wounds are opened; and the safe haven that was the cabin; turns into the final oasis for a blood bath.First of all, I need to commend Quentin Tarantino for the beautiful use of one cabin to tell a whole story. It’s a sight to behold how this film is shot and paced all within a single location for the most part. The writing in the film is a huge part of this, as it essentially sets the tempo for the dialogue and the key intense moments within the film. He uses the script-writing technique known as ‘the pledge’, where he starts off dialogue and scenes with lines that will consistently intrigue you.

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