The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

Talk about a massive letdown! I have to say that as much as I love Disney Plus some of their original movies have not been good at all. The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild firmly falls into the “not good at all category”. This feels like a budget movie that was slapped together as quickly as possible.

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You can stream it or you can download the film from Disney+. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also the previous five Ice Age films:

The Movie Review

Before I rip this movie apart, I do have to say that I love the Ice Age franchise. My son grew up loving the movies as well as the video games and toys so it is a series, I am very familiar with. I think that the first three movies in particular are fantastic, especially the third, which introduced us to the title character of this movie, Buck Wild.

However, they did not know where to stop and Ice Age Continental Drift and Collision Course while not bad by any means, never matched up to the first three movies. Still, with Buck Wild (once again voiced by Simon Pegg) the hero from Ice Age 3 being the star, I thought this one could be a lot of fun…. how wrong I was.

While it is great that they got Simon Pegg to reprise his role here. The fact of the matter is, Crash and Eddie are two major characters in this movie too and they are voiced by new actors. In the original movies, Sean William Scott and Josh Peck are Crash and Eddie, they really made those roles their own so it is very noticeable and distracting that they have been re-casted here.

As well as the voice acting not being as good, the animation has taken a fairly big hit too. It is not terrible, but it looks more like a TV show than a blockbuster movie and the Ice Age movies always looked incredible so it is a real shame that it does not live up to the older movies in the looks department. This one here is a massive step back in my opinion and you can tell it was a different team responsible for this.

The plot… the plot is all over the place. I thought the idea of going on an adventure with Crash, Eddie, and Buck Wild sounded like a lot of fun, but the movie lacks the witty humor and stylish action that the franchise became known for. Even the appearance of the other classic Ice Age characters is a letdown thanks to the recasting!

Being back in the land of the awesome Ice Age 3, the Land of the Dinosaurs is not enough to save this movie. This feels like a massive waste of time and I could not even see younger kids enjoying this. Heck, it even lacks Scrat! How do you make an Ice Age movie without Scrat? Instead of watching this, watch one of the other Ice Age movies, they are all on Disney Plus now anyway!

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild is both a spin-off and the sixth installment in the highly popular animated series. Download it now and see what happened.
4 Total Score
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild Review Summary

  • They managed to talk Simon Pegg into voicing Buck Wild
  • It is set in the same place Ice Age 3 was
  • It is on Disney Plus so you do not have to pay to see it
  • It made me realize the whole Ice Age saga is on Disney Plus
  • It lacks pretty much everything that made the Ice Age movies so much fun
  • The recasting of most of the voice actors is terrible
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