The Lego Movie

The animated film genre has customarily covered a huge territory in the Hollywood film industry. Among the many renowned and favored animated film franchises, The Lego movie franchise is held in high regard.

The Lego Movie (2014) was the first installment to the Lego theatrical film franchise and people cherished the concept and the film gained huge appreciation from fans and critics.

The film was originally dedicated to the former director of entertainment development of the Lego company, Kathleen Fleming who passed away a year before the film release.

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The Movie Review

Director and Cast

The direction for the film was conducted by the illustrious duo of directors named Phill Lord and Christopher Miller who are well known for their impressive work in animated film production. Dan Lin and Roy Lee also aided the film’s production as producers for the film.

The casting for the film was a principal reason for the film’s clout. Various prominent actors such as the distinguished Chris Pratt a peoples-choice actor who made many astounding performances in his career gave a stunning performance as the voice behind the main character and got vast esteem. Other prominent actors involve Will Ferrel who was recognized as a fitting voice for the antagonist of the film and made a gratifying portrayal. Elizbeth Banks, Will Arnet, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, and numerous other actors worked as voice actors in the film.

Plot Summary

The story starts with a wizard named Vitruvius, voiced by Morgan Freeman who tries to safeguard a weapon capable of mass destruction from the evil Lord Business portrayed by Will Ferrel. He fails to keep it safe but the prophecies indicate that a person known as the special one will find the piece of resistance to stop the weapon. Some years later Emmet Brickowski voiced by Chris Pratt who is shown as a casual construction worker crosses paths with Wyldstyle portrayed by Elizbeth Banks who is searching for something.

Emmet goes behind her and by falling into a pit he finds the piece of resistance which gets attached to his back. An accomplice of Lord business tells him about their evil plan when Wyldstyle retrieves him and considering Emmet as the special one, takes him to the wizard. He learns about their plans of ceasing Lord business’s evil activity. The wizard gets disappointed by learning that Emmet is not a master builder but after hearing his vision he revives hope for him.

The Bad cops attack the Council of master builders and capture most of them except Emmet and some of his friends. Emmet plots to pervade into Lord business’s headquarters and deactivate the weapon. He fails after making a compelling struggle and is captured. Lord business kills the wizard who claims that he made up the special concept.

After throwing the piece of resistance into the abyss Lord business and sets his headquarters to self-destroy and waits for destruction. Emmet is persuaded by the wizard’s ghost to make an effort and so he succeeds to redeem himself and saves all the master builders. The master builders with enthusiasm build stuff who debacle business’s forces. In the real world, by gaining the attention of Finn, the son of the Man Upstairs, Emmet reattains the piece of resistance and becomes a master builder, and saves the day. While in the real world Finn harmonizes with his father and together with Finn’s little sister they play on the Lego set.

Conclusion and Rating

The film was a massive success and was adored by the fans and critics who loved the plot, voice acting, character designs for the film and wished to witness more of such entertaining animated films, which lead to further development into the franchise.

The Lego Movie (2014)
The Lego Movie is a computer-animated movie with a few live-action scenes. Download it now and have a blast watching it.
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