The Lion King

The Lion King is a downloadable animated movie which was released in 1994 by Walt Disney. The plot of the film shows relates the story of Simba, a young lion whose adventures eventually lead him to the throne of the Pride Lands to become a king like his father Mufasa.

How to Download The Lion King

The Lion King can be downloaded from iTunes with full dubbing and subtitles in several languages. The film can be bought or rented in both HD and SD versions. To start the download, click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Characters in the Film

  • Simba – a young lion, the successor to the throne,
  • Mufasa – Simba’s father, the king of the Pride Lands,
  • Sarabi – Simba’s mother, very caring and mature lioness, Mufasa’s wide,
  • Nala – Simba’s childhood friend, and alter his wife,
  • Scar – a villain who’s the brother of Mufasa and an uncle to Simba. He kills the Lion King.
  • hyenas – they filthy animals who live in a wasteland and are in league with Skaza,
  • Timon and Pumbaa – a small meerkat and a bulky A pair of friends who meet Simba, save his life and let him join their peculiar company.
  • Zazu – a hornbill, the royal majordomo.
  • Rafiki – a mandrill, he is a royal shaman.
  • Sarafina – Nali’s mother and a friend of Sarabi.

The Movie Plot

At the beginning of the film, there is a scene in the savannah where a lion cub named Simba, the heir to the throne, is revealed to all the Lion King’s subjects. His father and mother prepare him for his future role. As years go by, Simba plays with his friend Nala and the hornbill Zazu who watches over him.

However, Simba’s uncle, Scar is plotting to get the crown. He plans to get rid of the little Simba, kill Mufasa and seize the throne of the Pride Lands. At the beginning, he warns young Simba not to go to the elephants’ graveyard (where dangerous hyenas prowl). Of course, he knows that a brave little lion will do just the opposite. Together with her friend and bird, the lion sets on an adventure to reach the forbidden and dangerous land. There, according to what Mufasa has planned, three spotted hyenas attack him and want to eat him. Luckily, Simba is saved by his father.


The next Scar’s scheme works better. As a result, Mufasa, trying to save his son from the herd of running cattle, is killed by his brother. Scar pushes him off a cliff into a precipice. What’s more, Scar manages to convince Simba that he is guilty of his father’s death and must leave the Pride Lands in shame?

Sometime later, Simba who is barely alive in the wasteland almost killed by the scorching sun, hunger, and thirst is found by Timon and Pumbaa. The meerkat and warthog allow him to join their team and they live together for many years. When he is already grown-up lion Simba bumps into his the long-lost friend Nala. She, together with Rafiki persuades Simba to return to the Prides Land Lion Land. There, he defeats Scar and takes away the crown.

The Music and the Songs in The Lion King

The soundtracks for the films were composed by Elton John and Hans Zimmer, the lyrics were written by the famous English songwriter and poet Tom Rice. In 1994, the music and the song: Can You Feel The Love Tonight were honored with two Oscars in the categories: the best original film music and the best original movie song.

Who is the Movie For?

The film is an excellent proposition for the children and adults. It is a deep and already legendary tale. It will appeal to people of all ages.

The Remake of The Lion King

A refreshed version of the film is about to be released on July 19, 2019. We will keep you updated on the details. It is possible that in the new version, as in The Jungle Book, there will be computer animations. Listen and see the breathtaking performance of the opening song Circle of Life in… Polish.


The Lion King
The Lion King is a Walt Disney animated film from 1994 loved by the generations. Download it and experience the adventures of the little lion.
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