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Wow was this rough! The most interesting thing I can tell you about The Lizzie McGuire Movie is that it is the first theatrically released movie based on a Disney Channel show. That is a neat bit of trivia, but it is by far the most interesting thing this movie has going for it if you ask me.

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Now, as a guy in his 40s, you may be rightfully asking, what do I know about Lizzie McGuire? Well, my niece was a huge fan of the show and while she was staying here one weekend, she picked The Lizzie McGuire Movie for us to watch. Now as a fan of the show she loved it, so I guess for kids that are fans, it tells a fun Lizzie McGuire story and at the end of the day, if the fans like it that is all that matters.

However, the whole movie is just so predictable that it is almost comical. The story sees Lizzie and some of her high school class go to Rome on a graduation trip. I will say that the Italian setting looks beautiful and you can tell that Disney clearly spent a lot of money to make this movie happen.

While there Lizzie is forced to room with a girl called Kate. Lizzie and Kate used to be friends, but they had a falling out so this room share is not ideal for either of them. I do think the whole trip to Rome and seeing the teenagers have fun is something that is pretty neat and I can see why kids would enjoy it.

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As the kids are out sightseeing, Lizzie runs into this guy called Paolo who mistakes her for his singing partner, Isabella. Isabella has abandoned Paolo and they were scheduled to perform at some awards show. He claims that Isabella lip-synced and that as Lizzie looks like her, she could fill in and no one would notice.

Lizzie starts sneaking away from the group to practice with Paolo, but Paolo is not what he seems. Look, you can see where the story is going from a mile away, but I noticed my niece was glued to the screen so what the heck do I know? Anyway, eventually, Lizzie’s friends and family have to come together in order to save her from being embarrassed on global television.

From what I understand, The Lizzie McGuire Movie was made as a way to bring the TV series to a close and I guess it does that and gives the fans closure. However, as a movie, I found it pretty bad, to be honest with you. It is very predictable, the characters for the most part are either dumb or just not likable!

Clearly, I am not the target audience for this. However, I have watched many “kids” movies over the years with my kids and my niece and nephew and still had a fun time. I think with The Lizzie McGuire Movie they went too hard to make this something that only the fans would enjoy. I bet back in the day there were many sleeping parents in the movie theatres watching this with their kids!

The Lizzie McGuire Movie
The Lizzie McGuire Movie is a comedy for teenagers that is based on a two-season, 65-episode long TV show of the same name. Download it now.
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The Lizzie McGuire Movie Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I liked how the movie was set in Rome
  • It kind of makes me want to go on vacation to Rome!
  • My niece who is a fan of the show said the movie was good
  • Some of the pop songs are kind of catchy
  • This movie could not have been any more of a chore to sit through
  • It is one of the most predictable movies I have ever seen
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