Teen Movies

Mean Girls


I have to start by saying that the original Mean Girls is an absolute classic. It is the kind of movie that sounds like it is just for teenagers, but it is a movie that everyone can relate to. It is ...



2023 has been a great year for awesome comedies getting theatrical releases. No Hard Feelings was awesome and maybe had just a little bit more heart, but I have to say I think that Bottoms is my ...

Outer Banks


Outer Banks is a Netflix Original TV series that if I am honest, I had very little interest in watching. I read the description and thought that it sounded like a show made for teenagers so I decided ...

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


My wife was so excited about the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! Based on the Archie Comics and the early 00s series, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a darker take on the iconic character. I ...

The Babysitter


If you want a fun comedy horror movie on Netflix, you cannot do much better than The Babysitter. Brought to us by MCG and with a great cast, The Babysitter is the kind of movie that is perfect if you ...

American Pie


American Pie is a film franchise that every millennial will know about, it was one of those films that solidified their teenage years after all. These films were not only influential, but they were ...

That ’90s Show


I was and still am a huge fan of That 70s Show. Before it was taken off Netflix here in the UK, it was my go-to late-night show when I needed something light and fun to watch! When I heard that we ...



Superbad is a film that truly displays the power of friendship and resilience. It showcases how friendship will safely glide us through life and make it much easier for us to achieve happiness, as ...

The Lizzie McGuire Movie


Wow was this rough! The most interesting thing I can tell you about The Lizzie McGuire Movie is that it is the first theatrically released movie based on a Disney Channel show. That is a neat bit of ...