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Back when the first Kissing Booth was released did anyone think that it would become a trilogy? Despite the less than stellar response from the critics, the two Kissing Booth movies did very well for Netflix. They did so well that we are sitting here today talking about The Kissing Booth 3!

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The Movie Review

By this point, you should know the drill of these movies. This is a romantic comedy/drama and I would say that The Kissing Booth 3 leans way more towards drama than comedy. We have lovers Ellie and Noah whose relationship is complicated by the fact that Ellie is graduating and not sure if she should head to Harvard to be with Noah or Berkley.

Add to this we also have Ellie’s best friend, Lee who is having his own problems as his girlfriend Rachel is going to college. Add to this that the friendship between Lee and Ellie is not as rosy as it once was. Oh wait, there is even more drama than that in The Kissing Booth 3!

Noah and Lee’s mother and father suddenly announce that they are selling their beach house! Noah, Lee, Ellie, and Rachel decide to go to the beach to help them with the sale and have one last big summer altogether. Things are complicated as Marco who has a thing for Elle shows up as does Chloe who is Noah’s friend who Elle thinks has a thing for Noah!

It feels like there is a ton of stuff going on in this movie and most of it is kind of sad. The first two movies had their fair share of drama too, but I felt that there was a lot more heart and fun in them. There is a fun part where Lee and Ellie try to do this bucket list type thing of all these fun activities, but for the most part, the theme of this movie is growing apart.

I know this sounds a bit mean, but it is kind of hard to feel sorry for these people and their problems when they get to spend the summer at a freaking beach house! I am not saying that The Kissing Booth 3 is a bad movie or anything like that, but by this point, it is getting harder to take the problems these kids have seriously and not roll your eyes.

The acting is solid and I really thought it was cool how they got Molly Ringwald back from part 2. I also have to say that the way the movie jumps forward in time at the end and sets up a potential fourth is kind of interesting. I know that I was not super keen on this, but I would be interested to see the fourth movie with these characters as adults.

I found the first two movies to be a fun and harmless watch. I think with The Kissing Booth 3 they leaned way too hard towards drama ignoring the laughs and it did not work as much. Perhaps this is a movie that is more of a stepping stone. Like, they had to make this movie in order to get to what they want to do with The Kissing Booth 4 if that becomes a thing?

The Kissing Booth 3
The Kissing Booth 3 is the third movie in the series of teen romantic comedies. Download it now and have fun.
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