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Outer Banks is a Netflix Original TV series that if I am honest, I had very little interest in watching. I read the description and thought that it sounded like a show made for teenagers so I decided to pass. For some reason earlier this year, by accident I caught the trailer for the third season of Outer Banks and thought it looked fun, I needed a new show to watch so I thought I would give it a try.

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The TV Series Review – The Show’s Unexpected Appeal Beyond Teenage Themes

Look, I would certainly say that Outer Banks is a “teen” show, but you do not need to be a teenager to enjoy it. It is an action treasure-hunting kind of show and a fun and exciting one at that. Now, it is completely over the top and about as unrealistic as you can get, but I enjoyed it for what it is worth and I think if you go into this with a fun mindset, you will have a good time.

A Coastal Town Divided – Setting the Scene

The setting and the cute cast make for a show that is very easy on the eyes. The premise of the show is that the Outer Banks is a coastal town in North Carolina with a very deep class divide. We have the “Pogue’s” who are the teenagers that live and work here all year round and then we have the “Kooks” that are the wealthy, arrogant people that only stay here for a portion of the year, kind of like a seasonal residence.

Teenage Adventures Unveiled – The Heart of the Plot

We have a group of Pogue’s that are led by the charming John B. John B is joined by Sarah, his love interest, JJ who is his best friend, Pope, the brains of the group and Kie who is a Kook, but she hangs with the Pogue’s. Friendship and all that comes with it is a key theme of the show and something that made me think back to my teenage years, well apart from being ridiculously attractive, finding treasure, and avoiding gunfire on an hourly basis of course.

A Quest for Treasure and Thrills – A Twist on Adventure

After checking out a shipwreck, the Pogue’s find something interesting, they find something relating to the mysterious disappearance of John B’s father and also get a hint about some long-lost treasure! That is right, Outer Banks is a show about a group of teenage treasure hunters, and like you, “That sounds dumb” is what I thought, but it is actually a lot of fun.

Unforgettable Escapades – Thrills and Laughter

The group ends up going on many wild adventures, dealing with Kooks, bad guys, the cops, and more on a weekly basis. There is a kind of over-the-top A-Team vibe about the show as our group of heroes are always getting shot at or chased down and then 99/100 come out of it without a scratch. Rather than seeing it as ridiculous, I had fun with it and thought that it added some charm to the show.

Teenage Antics and Nostalgia – A Blend of Realism and Fantasy

I will say that I could see the teenage antics and the whole “dude” and “bro” thing getting on some people’s nerves and on a couple of occasions they did mine. Yet to be fair, this is a show with teenagers as its main audience so it is a bit silly to complain that the characters are acting like many typical teenagers act.

A Nostalgic Adventure – Embracing the Over-the-Top

Outer Banks kind of reminds me of a show that I would have watched in the late 90s during my teenage years, perhaps in a back-to-back way with something like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It is over the top, unrealistic, and wild, but I think that is a huge reason why I had so much fun with it. I highly recommend that you give this a chance if you are looking for something with adventure and excitement.

Outer Banks
Outer Banks is a teen mystery TV series that set in North Carolina. Download it now and be prepared for adventures that involve treasure.
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Outer Banks Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • This is a fun adventure/treasure hunting kind of show
  • The theme of friendship and family is something that I like
  • Some of the action and chase scenes are completely over the top, but in a good way
  • Elizabeth Mitchell joins the show in season 2 and she is awesome!
  • Some of the teen dialogue can get a bit much at times
  • You really have to embrace the over the top and unrealistic nature of the show to get into it
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