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I was and still am a huge fan of That 70s Show. Before it was taken off Netflix here in the UK, it was my go-to late-night show when I needed something light and fun to watch! When I heard that we were getting a sequel and that they were getting most of the original cast back I was so excited!

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Now, I want to talk about something here and that is the “fans” who were crapping on this when that first trailer dropped! If you loved That 70s Show, how could you watch that first trailer and say it looked terrible? It pretty much nailed what the original show was! if anything it played it way too safe and was too similar to that original show. Anyway, off my soapbox now, let’s take a look at why I ended up binge-watching the entire first season in just two sittings.

The show as the title suggests is set in the 90s. We have Kitty and Red Forman from the original series living in the same house in Point Place that they did in That 70s Show. I love Kitty and Red and they are just as much fun here as they were in the original series, you know, Red Forman is one of my favorite TV dads.

They are living a quiet retirement, but Kitty misses the kids and the house being full. Red on the other hand is happy with the way things are, but even he is excited when his teenage granddaughter, Leia is coming to visit. Leia is the daughter of Eric who named her after Princess Leia from Star Wars which is awesome, we also find out that Eric teaches Star Wars at a college now.

I got such a huge kick when Eric and Donna showed up and it was great to know that they had been together all these years. Leia is very likable and before long she makes friends with the neighbor, Gwen, and her brother, Nate who lives with their single mother, Sherri who is also a fun new character.

Leia and Gwen have a great relationship and she really brings her out of her shell. Leia manages to convince her mom and dad that they should let her stay in Point Place over the summer and that is the basic premise of our show. Just like that 70s Show, the core cast of kids here is great and a lot of fun.

She also makes friends with Nikki who is Nate’s girlfriend, and Jay who is the son of Michael and Jackie from That 70s Show. They get up to all kinds of hijinks and it is just a fun show that feels very much like That 70s Show but set in the 90s. From “the circle”, to trying to score beer, sneaking out to a party, and more. These are all situations that the cast of That 70s Show found themselves in over the years.

The show is also packed with great cameos. While Red and Kitty are the main cast members, in addition to Donna and Eric. Michael, Jackie, Fez, Leo, and Bob all make appearances. It never felt forced and I loved the way that they used the older cast here, it was fun, but it added to the story overall and never felt like it was done just for the sake of doing so.

I had a great deal of fun with the show and I will admit that it was pretty predictable and formulaic, but that is exactly what I wanted. However, there is a real surprise cliffhanger ending here that makes me really hope this gets another season. That 90s Show is awesome, it completely surpassed my expectations and I say that as a huge fan of That 70s Show.

That '90s Show
That '90s Show is a sitcom for teenagers that was released in 2023. Download it now and have a fantastic time.
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  • It was awesome how they got so many members of the old cast back
  • I found the new cast of characters to be very likable
  • The 90s setting was something I got a kick out of
  • It is a fun and lighthearted show, but man does it end with a big twist!
  • Some people seem to have decided they hated this before they watched an episode
  • No second season has been confirmed as of me writing this and with Netflix’s track record, I am not confident it will get one!
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