How I Met Your Father

When I heard that How I Met Your Father was going to be a thing I was pretty excited. I loved How I Met Your Mother and I felt that enough time had passed where a similar show could work. The creators of the original show were “executive producers” here so I assume that they had next to nothing to do with the actual production of this show and that is something you can tell right from the start.

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In the USA, How I Met Your Father airs on Hulu, in countries that do not have Hulu, it airs on Disney Plus, Stars category. This was actually one of the shows that is used heavily to promote Stars on Disney Plus. I know if I did not already subscribe to it, this probably would have swayed me to do so…. And then I would have been mad once I actually watched it.

There are some things I like about the show, I like how the premise is similar to How I Met Your Mother. This time the setting is New York in 2050 and Sophie (played by Kim Cattrall in 2050) is telling her son how she met her father back in 2022. Hillary Duff plays Sophie in 2022 and I like Hillary Duff as an actress so it is cool that she got this gig.

The core cast of characters is not horrible and the main cast consists of Sophie, Jesse, Sid, Valentina, Charlie, and Ellen. We get to see these people try to find their way in life and to try and find that special someone. As a premise, it sounds like it is very similar to How I Met Your Mother and that is not a bad thing, but the execution is.

There are only ten episodes in the first season and I will not lie, it was kind of hard to get through all ten. This is trying to be a comedy-drama like How I Met Your Mother, but it completely lacks the wit and style that the show had. How I Met Your Father feels like a poor imitation by people who did not understand what made the first show so great.

The performances to be fair are not bad and there are some neat side characters like Drew who is played by the underrated Josh Peck. However, you just do not care as much about any of these characters. I think the main problem is that the writing here is just so cringy and the humor feels completely forced. It is a show that is trying way, way too hard and it will probably make your eyes roll more than it will make you laugh.

As you can tell I was not a huge fan of this show, but it has been renewed for a second season. I am hopeful that as the cast is talented the second season may see the show find itself and it will not feel like a cheap and poor knock-off of How I Met Your Mother. I did not hate the show, but if the first two episodes of season two do not grab me, I am out!

How I Met Your Father
How I Met Your Father is an American sitcom that premiered in 2022 and has been created out of nostalgia for How I met Your Mother. Download or stream it now.
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How I Met Your Father Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I think that the cast does have a lot of potential
  • The premise of the show is kind of fun
  • The first episode does have an awesome nod to How I Met Your Mother
  • While I did not love this show, I do have a little bit of hope that season two will be better
  • The humor in this show is way more cringy than it is funny
  • You just do not care about these characters much at all and that is mainly down to the poor writing
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