The Babysitter

If you want a fun comedy horror movie on Netflix, you cannot do much better than The Babysitter. Brought to us by MCG and with a great cast, The Babysitter is the kind of movie that is perfect if you are in the mood for something bloody and fun! I have watched this a few times now and it has never lost its appeal to me.

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You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Check out also the sequel – The Babysitter: Killer Queen.

The Movie Review

The Babysitter is a Netflix Original and one of my favorites they have done. Our main character is a 12-year-old called Cole. Cole is a nice, but awkward kid that gets bullied and has a loving, but weird mom and dad. However, despite being 12, Cole still has a babysitter called Bee.

Bee is a hot, cool, and funky chick that has a great relationship with Cole and they are like best buddies. Cole’s folks are going away for the weekend and Bee is coming to look after Cole while they are gone. It is clearly something that has happened a million of times and everyone is ok with it.

This time though, Cole’s best friend who lives across the street, Melanie throws a spanner in the works. She convinces Cole to stay up late and see what Bee gets up to when he is asleep as she tells him that she probably has her boyfriend over. Well, Cole stays up, but he probably wishes that he didn’t.

Turns out that Bee and her friends are in a satanic cult and she is the leader, oh and Cole just saw her murder a dude! Bee and her friends try to figure out what to do with Cole, but he ends up fighting them all off and trying to survive. It is awesome stuff and it has a kind of Home Alone vibe about it, but with much more cursing and blood.

It is just a super fun time and the way that Cole deals with these cult members is hilarious. I especially love the banter that Cole has with Max who is a jock. Max wants Cole dead, but he kind of takes him under his wing and toughens him up in the process which is hilarious to see.

I think that Cole is actually a really well-done character. I loved the interaction that he and Bee had before the shit hit the fan. You get a real brother/sister vibe from them and they have such a fun relationship. Plus, you truly do feel like Bee cares about Cole and she is not just all about getting that sweet and pure blood out of his arm! Cole grows as a character during the movie and that was cool to see.

One thing that I love about The Babysitter is the pacing. This is a movie that does what it needs to do in under 90 minutes and it never lets up. Some might see the runtime as short, but I honestly feel like any longer and it may not have been as much fun. If you love funny, witty, and crazy horror movies, The Babysitter is a must-watch, just writing about it makes me want to watch it again.

The Babysitter
The Babysitter is a great comedy horror film from 2017. Download it now and have a wonderful time with Bee.
9 Total Score
The Babysitter Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Cole is a very likable and well-written protagonist
  • Bee is such an awesome villain!
  • The movie is funny, witty and it has some great gory scenes too
  • This is a great movie to watch if you are in the mood for something fun
  • Netflix has no plans to release a physical version of this
  • The sequel, while fun, is not as good as this one
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