The Mother

Who doesn’t love Jennifer Lopez? She is an absolute star and she has made some movies I have really enjoyed recently. 2022’s Marry Me and Shotgun Wedding were fun movies, but The Mother is a badass action movie and another hit for the streaming platform, Netflix. It is one of the best Netflix originals I have seen so far this year.

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Jennifer Lopez stars as “The Mother”, she was a soldier who became involved in some very shady stuff. She was working with Adrian Lovell, an ex-SAS man, and Hector Alverez an arms dealer, and brokered a deal between the two of them while becoming romantically involved with the pair. She discovers they are also smuggling kids and that leads her to turn on them and go to the feds!

The big twist here is that she got pregnant from one of these two. She gives up the kid, but the two dangerous men from her past come back and kidnap the child, called Zoe to lure The Mother out! On paper, what we have here is a very “Taken” kind of movie and I think that is the best comparison for this movie.

It is like a Taken movie, but with a female protagonist. What I thought was a neat twist here was that it was not just about her saving the kid. The Mother actually saves Zoe quite early on in the movie and then decides to train her so that she can protect herself. I loved this part of the movie as it was done so well.

We do not just get an 80s-style training montage here, Zoe has a feeling that The Mother is her birth mother, and the two of them kind of start to develop a bond. I have to give young Lucy Paez a ton of credit here, she shows a ton of emotion and I am sure this young lady is going to have a very bright future.

The Mother is a very action-packed kind of movie and I love it when we get to see Jennifer Lopez kick some ass. Jennifer Lopez tends to be in more romantic comedies than anything else, so it is always a ton of fun to see her in a role like this. She is completely believable, she is the kind of person that you would not mess with that is for sure.

I also want to give some special attention to Joseph Finnes who plays Adrian. Adrian is such a good villain, he is a really sadistic kind of man and he is not scared to do whatever it takes to get The Mother. On the flip side of this, I did not think that Alverez was as good, Gael García Bernal is a good actor, but Alverez was a very one-dimensional kind of villain.

If you like action movies, you will like The Mother. I had a lot of fun with this and think you will too, but do not come into this expecting to have your mind blown. It is an action movie where you just turn your brain off and have fun with it. I really hope that this movie is popular and Jennifer Lopez makes more action movies like this.

The Mother
The Mother is an exciting action thriller film from 2023. Download it and enjoy the performance by Jennifer Lopez (1969).
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The Mother Review Summary

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  • It is so much fun to see Jennifer Lopez as a badass
  • One of the villains feels like a legit threat
  • There are some awesome action scenes with one on a bike being really cool
  • If you like movies such as Taken, you will probably like this
  • One of the main villains was really lacking
  • If you are not all that into action movies, you may roll your eyes at a lot of this!
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