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Look, Marry Me is about as predictable as you can get when it comes to a romantic comedy. As soon as I saw the trailer, I was pretty sure I knew how this movie was going to go and I would wager most of you are the same! Still, even though this is a very predictable movie, it has a ton of heart and is a real feel-good movie that is a fun and charming ride to go on.

How to Stream or Download Marry Me

If you want to watch Marry Me while it is still in theaters, look no further but check out Peacock TV. Click on the Download button at the end of the review. If you want to see J.Lo in another movie we recommend Hustlers (2019). You should also definitely also listen to her hit song On The Floor. Maluma fans can listen to him in Encanto (2021) where he lends his voice to Mariano. Check out also his hits Corazón and Felices los 4. And if you crave for more Owen Wilson – he is the voice of Lightning McQueen in Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3.

The Movie Review

I think the fact that the two lead characters are so likable is really what makes this such a good movie. Jennifer Lopez is music superstar Kat Valdez and Owen Wilson is Charlie, a single dad, and math teacher who just wants to live a quiet life. Well, his wish for a quiet life is destroyed when his daughter drags him to a Kat Valdez concert.

The thing is, this is no ordinary Kat Valdez concert. Kat Valdez and her partner, Bastian (Maluma) are part of a pop super duo and at this show, they are going to tie the knot! Just before this is about to go down, Kat learns that Bastian has cheated on her and she pretty much has a full breakdown on stage!

As the show was all set up for a wedding, she locks eyes on Charlie and decides right there and then to marry this stranger. She is a pampered superstar diva who has people doing everything for her, he is a hardworking, quiet, and all-around salt of the earth kind of guy. They are from two completely different worlds.

It is as cliché as you can get when it comes to a romantic comedy and you can see where it is going to go from a mile away. However, Marry Me is a movie that works because the cast is just so much fun and the movie never tries to be clever, artsy, or more than it really is. Director, Kat Coiro keeps things moving at a brisk pace and it was one of those movies where it just flew by.

As this is a movie about a pop start, it has a pretty solid soundtrack that fits the movie very well. While it is rightfully Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson getting all the credit for the movie, it does actually have a fantastic supporting cast as well. The likes of Sarah Silverman, John Bradley and Chloe Coleman as Charlie’s daughter all help add that extra bit of charm and personality to the movie.

I have to be honest and say that Marry Me is not the kind of movie that is going to lead to deep and meaningful conversations, but not every movie has to be like that. This is a feel-good and fun romantic comedy that I had a great time watching with my wife. If you like this kind of thing be sure to give it a watch. It is the perfect kind of movie if you want something fun, cheesy, and easy to relax to.

Marry Me
Marry Me is a romantic comedy starring Jennifer Lopez, Maluma, and Owen Wilson. Download it or stream it now and have a hilarious time.
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