Maluma – Felices los 4

Felices Los 4 is a song from Maluma’s third album X. The title translates to “happy the four of us.” This is a relationship mentioning foursome. Maluma is implying an active relationship with his partner. However, the singer is confident even if the girl leaves with someone else, he is confident to return to him. Regardless, the singer is sure they will have fun and create memories.

How to Download Maluma – Felices los 4

To download the song as a digital file, click on the Download button at the end of this review. The song can be found on Amazon Music and on Apple Music. If you like Maluma, check out also Créeme (with Karol G), Chantaje, and Clandestino (both with Shakira).

The Song Review

Felices Los 4 Video Interpretation

The music video was directed by Jesse Terro and it portrays a relationship between the singer and a married woman. She is played by Natalia Barulich. In addition, her on-screen husband is portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama. The video received the Vevo certification on May 5th, 2017, and here is everything you need to know about it.

Maluma talks to his girlfriend on the phone while she is with her husband. The husband and wife are in a dancing studio learning a new routine. The dance involves provocative steps with salsa moves. Natalia is wearing a simple top and shorts while her husband is dressed in a button-down and jeans.

The song shifts to an evening setting where the couple enters a lively bar. Wilmer is wearing an embellished jacket and Natalia is dressed in a form-hugging red two-piece ensemble. Unexpectedly, Maluma is also there, constantly admiring the female lead.

He sits at a table, admiring the couple while being on a date. Since the focus is Natalia, the date begins to feel ignored. However, the night is still young and the song concludes with an implication of foursome after we see the four people sitting at the same table, making alluring eye contact. Looks like Maluma’s exotic dream is about to come true.

The Bottom Line

Felices Los 4 offers a very modernized version of a relationship such as dating a married couple or inviting multiple partners into the bedroom. Through there is a lot of stigmas involved, the song provokes the viewer to listen to the heart rather than submit to the societal norms.

About the Artist

Maluma was born in Juan Luis Londono Arias who grew up to become a Colombian singer and reggaeton music composer. He was born in Medellin, Colombia. The composer was welcomed by a humble couple,  Marelli Arias and Luis Londono, who is the brother of Manuela Londono.

During his childhood, Maluma was a fan of playing soccer. He played the sport religiously until he was eight years old by reaching the Athletic National’s lower division. Later on, he studied at the Hontanares School where his interest in music sparked.

Juan Luis won a tenth-grade singing competition by singing Tengo Ganas. This was the first time he realized his passion for music and his diverse vocal skills. The singer released his first song in 2009 called No Quiero and later recorded it in the studio. Later on, in the next year, he focused on improving his vocal skills while completing his degree. While continuously practicing, he realized Maluma’s vocals showcased perfectly in the urban genre.

Maluma went on to publish his first official song Farandulera in 2011. At this point, he was slowly recognized without working with a record label. His first song was continuously played on radio stations and internet platforms. Later in the same year, Maluma signed with Sony Music which amplified his music reach. He went on to record his second single called Loco.

Maluma music was becoming popular in 2013 in Latin America and the United States. He won a Latin Grammy Award in the same year. Furthermore, the singer won the best radio song for his newest release “La Temperatura.” He was asked to perform at Latin American music shows such as MTV Europe Music Awards and Nuestra Tierra Awards. To this day, Maluma continues to promote his national culture through international music and the Latin language.

Maluma - Felices los 4
Felices los 4 is a highly popular song by the Colombian singer Juan Luis Londoño Arias (1994). Download it now and enjoy the music.
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