Shakira, Maluma – Clandestino

Clandestino by Shakira and Maluma is a downloadable pop song by Shakira and Maluma. Released on 8th June 2018, Clandestino was written and produced by Shakira, Maluma, and Latin Grammy winner Edgar Barrera. The song debuted at number 17 on the Hot Latin Songs chart by selling over 5000 copies in only its first week. In other countries such as Spain, Italy, and Switzerland, the song instantly became a hit after debuting at number 14, 76, and 32.

How to Download Clandestino by Shakira & Maluma

You can download the song from iTunes. Alternatively, you can enjoy watching the official video. To start your download click on the Download button below the review.

The Song Review

Clandestino is completely sung Spanish. It begins with a reggae beat which slowly intensifies as the vocals begin. The song mostly talks about forbidden passion in a flirtatious way. The lyric which states “Ours is illegal and I will not deny you/ That I pay the sentence for kissing you” tells the story of clandestine love.

This is followed by additional lyrics that talk of intimacy and crossing boundaries thereby relating their relationship to eating the forbidden fruit. The official music video starts off with Shakira and Maluma dancing and interacting with one another in an intimate fashion.

Interestingly enough, the song does not feature any extra dancers or performers in the background. Throughout the sequence, the only two characters featured are Shakira and Maluma themselves.

So who’s Mulana, Actually?

As for Maluma, he was born in 1994, his actual name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias. He began his career in 2010, initially recording singles before making collaborations with popular artists including Thalia, Ricky Martin, and of course, Shakira. Maluma also recorded the Spanish version of the 2018 FIFA World Cup official song “Colors”, originally sung by Jason Derulo.  Maluma, just like Shakira is Colombian.

Shakira, Maluma – Clandestino: the Video Scene by Scene

Taking place at a beach, Shakira is dressed in a revealing red swimsuit besides Maluma who fashionably wears a leather jacket over a white tank top. The lyrics give the impression that the two characters are secretly in love with each other and are seeing one other on the beach.

At the end of the sequence, the two are chased by a red car which eventually falls into the water. The video ends as both the artists sit at the edge of a structure, watching the car as it drowns in the sea. The video is shot at a beach in Barcelona, Spain.

The Success of the Song

With Clandestino’s release, Shakira extends her record as the female artist with the most top 20 hits ever on the charts. Clandestino has become the 33rd song by Shakira and 12th for Maluma to break through the top 20 barrier. This song is also the first release of 2018 by Shakira as well as her highest arrival in over a year.

When asked about the genre of her music, Shakira has constantly talked about how her music is a result of combining together different elements. Further explaining, she claims how she likes to experiment with different genres and not limiting herself to anything in specific.

Overall, Clandestino is a very catchy song that gives out vibes of intimacy. It is a portrayal of forbidden love between two individuals which is described through the songs’ lyrics. The song was ranked Platinum by Productores de Música de España, certifying another hit by the renowned duo.

Shakira, Maluma - Clandestino
Clandestino is a song sung by two Colombian artists – Shakira and Maluma. The official video is shot on a beach close to Barcelona. Download the song and enjoy the beat.
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