Shakira – Chantaje ft. Maluma

We all know that when Shakira and Maluma collaborate, the result is destined to be a smashing hit. These two Columbian powerhouses have created history-making bangers in their individual capacities. However, when these two forces join hands, they make a mark. Chantaje is the right example of that. Before Chantaje, these two gave a masterpiece song called La Bicicleta.

Chantaje was released on November 18, 2016, on YouTube, and now stands with over 2.6 billion views. This commercial success is Platinum and Diamond Certified in over 10 countries.

How to Download Shakira – Chantaje ft. Maluma

To download the song from iTunes, click on the Download button at the end of the review. Check out other songs by Shakira that we have reviewed Clandestiono (also with Maluma) and Waka Waka.

The Song Review

Sexy, Buoyant Jam!

Right after its release, Chantaje went on to top the US Billboard Latin Songs Chart. Chantaje’s music video became the talk of the town. Its steamy and sexy music video was just mind-blowing. The People’s Magazine wrote about Chantaje, “A Sexy, Buoyant Jam”. Plus, vocals by Shakira and Maluma pulled the right chords. Chantaje was written by Maluma, Shakira, Kevin Mauricio Jimenez Londono, Joel Antonio Lopez Castro, and Bryan Snaider Lezcano Chaverra.

With Chantaje’s success, Shakira, once again, proclaimed her mastery in the industry. On the other hand, Maluma ‘s contribution to the song was no less. He just nailed it. Moreover, he loved working with Shakira, once again. In his interview with Billboard, Maluma said, “It was a great experience. She is a great artist, but she is also a composer. I learned a lot”. Moreover, Maluma confessed in the same Billboard interview that he could not miss the opportunity to work with her again”.

The song was a massive success. Despite being in Spanish, it got everyone vibing and chanting Chantaje. What people liked the most were its sexual and sensual elements. Such elements were integral in Chantaje’s howling success. E! Online wrote about the song, “All sorts of sexy and infectious”. Chantaje in English means blackmailing. It is written in the context of luring someone.

Let us now talk about its oh-so-amazing video.

Chantaje Music Video: “Battle of the Sexes”

The steamy music video was shot in Barcelona, Spain. It was directed by the ace Spanish director and photographer Jaume De Laiguana who has previously collaborated with Shakira at various times.

The music video is all about the flirting and sexy vibe of the video. Over that, the gorgeous pink-haired Shakira and pretty boy Malumua raise the temperature. The video depicts a situation where a boy is before a girl who is giving him mixed signals. In that context, the New York Times referred to it as a “Battle of the Sexes”.

Chantaje’s music video opens with Shakira strolling through an Indian grocery shop named Indian Deli & Grocery. She is walking with her leashed pet pig. She passes Maluma as he stands on the counter. Shakira lures him. Moreover, she tries to seduce him. She lures him to the underground. While singing, both of them reach a bar. After that, Shakira goes into the men’s restroom. There, she takes off her pink wig and some of the clothing. She starts to dance and sing along the urinals.

The Music & Lyrics

Chantaje is a reggaeton and hit pop song. There are some tropical synths in the background. It is based on a pitched-up vocal.

In the lyrical aspect, it is about a lustful guy (Maluma) or a pretty boy and a seducing girl who is unattainable. However, she is giving him all the signals yet not clearing things up. Although the lyrics are in Spanish, the song still keeps the listener hooked. Digital Spy wrote about the song, “We may have no clue what the lyrics mean, but the song is infectious”.

Listen to this steamy number right this second!

Shakira - Chantaje ft. Maluma
Chantaje is a Spanish song by the Columbian artist Shakira with Juan Luis Londoño Arias (Maluma). Download it now and learn about the titular blackmail.
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