Maluma – Corazón ft. Nego do Borel

Corazón is a close collaboration between Maluma and a Brazilian artist, Nego do Borel. It celebrates languages with over 770 million views on its music video. Corazón is the second song in his third album, F.A.M.E.

The lyrics of Corazón are written in Spanish and Portuguese with the same ideology. Both artists have escaped an unhealthy relationship. They are not afraid to move forward without looking into the past. Corazón and Maluma proudly lead the situation, which was not possible before due to a manipulative partner. Now, they are free to explore and meet with different women in non-monogamous settings.

How to Download Maluma – Corazón ft. Nego do Borel

You can download the song from Amazon Music. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. If you like Maluma, check out also his other songs – Felices los 4, Shantaje (with Shakira), or Vente Pa’ C (with Ricky Martin)

The Song Review

Corazón by Maluma – the Video

Maluma walks slowly on a helipad. He stands right on edge to admire the cityscape. The frame switches to a farmer’s market in the next second. He is seen browsing the market while admiring women. Maluma grabs a few by the hand and slow dances with them too.

During the halfway mark, Nego do Borel greets Maluma at the helipad. He is wearing a gold jacket with fitted jeans. Borel looks straight at the camera while Maluma dances in the background.

One of the most surprising appearances in the video is the famous soccer player Ronaldinho. He plays street soccer with the actors and Maluma while the song plays in the background. The remainder of the music video delivers singing, dancing, and drinking synchronized with the music.

At the end of the video, the settings shift to a nighttime celebration with piñata and more dancing in provocative dressing. The song concludes with a humorous ending of young, childhood love.

Maluma Is Here to Stay!

Columbia has raised some of the best singers in the urban and reggaeton genre, including Maluma. He is a versatile musician whose music involves working with combining unexpected genres. Furthermore, the artist is well-known for his welfare work and widespread participation as a social activist against racism and stigmas.

About Maluma

Maluma was born as Juan Luis Londono Arias in Medellin Colombia. During his childhood, he would play soccer frequently. He was so good he successfully played at the lower rank of Atletico Nacional and La Equidad while studying at the Hontanares School. He was a welcomed bundle of joy to Marlli Arias and Luis Londono, a brother of Manuela Londono.

He began taking an interest in music during his elementary education. He continued practicing throughout the years, which led to winning a singing competition in the tenth grade. Maluma released No Quiero in 2009, which he composed and recorded in his recording studio. The song reached the ears of music producers and record labels who guided him to start his music career officially.

Resultantly, he started taking vocal lessons after completing his graduate studies. At this time, Maluma realized his calling—he wanted to become a thriving urban singer. He released his first single, Farandulera, in 2011, which was widely listened to in Columbia. It played on radio stations and streamed on all internet music platforms.

The song eventually made its way to Sony Music which signed Maluma before creating his second singe Loco. Maluma released the third single shortly after Obsesion, whose figures collectively surpassed his previous two releases. All his successful songs were combined into his first album Magia which hit playlists in 2012.

The album sold more than ten thousand copies with a gold certificate from the Colombian Association of Producers of Phonograms. Because of the success, Maluma snagged his first-ever nominees as the Best New Artist at the Shock Awards.

2013 was a lucky year for Maluma. His songs became increasingly popular in Latin America and the United States. Maluma’s La Temperatura was a prominent mention in the Billboard Music Awards and even a nomination in the Latin Grammy Awards.

Maluma - Corazón ft. Nego do Borel
Corazón is a song in Spanish and Portuguese performed by Maluma (1994) and Leno Maycon Viana Gomes (1992). Download it now.
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