Ricky Martin – Vente Pa’ Ca ft. Maluma

Vente Pa’Ca is the featured song in the album by the same name. It was produced by Alexander Castillo in 2016 with the majority of songs in the Spanish language. Vente Pa’Ca is from the reggaeton and pop genre with millions of listeners. Here is all you need to know about it.

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The Song Review

Vente Pa’Ca Video

Welcome to the most beautiful beach you have ever seen! Maluma enters the hotel lobby, heading to the concierge desk. Unexpectedly, his friend, Ricky Martin, is also there. They hug and exchange pleasantries and conclude the conversation by taking a selfie.

Ricky begins singing, walking through the hotel hallway wearing a see-through white button-down and harem pants. The frame switches to a party at the beach, where everyone is dressed in swimwear. However, the focus of the video is women, dressed in vibrant bikinis, dancing with well-chiseled men. The song exudes lust in the height of summer, and the pool and beach setting is just the crème de la crème.

Later in the song, we come across Maluma singing inside the hotel next to a bar. The setting is the same with dancing, drinking, everyone enjoying a merry time. The song concludes with a rooftop synchronized dancing routine at sunset, which perfectly encapsulates a memorable day.

The Bottom Line

The love of your life is present at the beach so today must be your lucky day. Vente Pa’Ca will put you in the mood to drive to the beach and bathe in the sun. Therefore, wear your best scent and dress to impress.

About the Artists

Ricky Martin

Enrique Martin Morales was born to an accountant and psychologist duo in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, his parents divorced when he was only two years old. As a result, he would spend most of his time with his father or paternal grandparents looking after him throughout his childhood.

Ricky Martin took an interest in dancing and singing after he joined performing societies, choirs, and plays at his elementary school. When he was nine, he successfully booked television commercials involving toothpaste, fizzy drinks, and fast food chains

He began his career by joining the Latin band Menudo in 1984. His first performance was at San Juan was singing at the Luis A. Ferre Performing Arts Center. He was the leading singer in Menudo for the subsequent five years. It allowed him to travel the world, learn new languages, and accumulate music fans wherever he went.

He left the group at 17 in 1989 to complete his high school in Puerto Rico. He later joined the Tisch School of the Arts in New York University, furthering his acting and singing skills. However, he dropped out of college to pursue his music career.


Juan Luis Londono Arias is a Colombianraggaeton singer and music composer. However, we all know him as Maluma, his stage name. He was born to a humble couple in Medellin, Colombia. During his childhood, he would play soccer and even successfully made his way to La Equidad lower division.

Furthermore, he also participated in music competitions which showcased his vocal skills wonderfully. Maluma went on to compose his first song in 2019 called No Quiero. Though he did not want to become a professional musician, the universe had different plans.

A few music producers were very impressed after listening to his initial songs. It encouraged him to improve his vocal talent after graduating from the university. He completely immersed himself into music in 2010 by surfacing as a successful urban singer.

Maluma officially released his first song Farandulera, which grew his popularity significantly in Colombia. It was played on radio and the internet which landed him a music contract with Sony Music. After successfully signing the contract, he released Obsesion. Other popular songs include Felices Los 4 and Vivo Pensando en Ti.

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