The Next Karate Kid

Upon watching the fourth film in the Karate Kid series, it becomes apparent that the filmmakers have exhausted the potential of the original trilogy. The Next Karate Kid falls short in comparison and feels more like a randomly generated spin-off than a true addition to the series. It seems that the creative team has run out of ideas and the film fails to capture the same magic and appeal as the previous installments.

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The Movie Review

Mr. Miyagi attends a commemoration for Japanese soldiers who fought in the US Army during World War II and meets the widow of his commanding officer, who is the grandmother of Julie, a troubled teenager. Julie is grieving the loss of her parents in an accident and is struggling to get along with her grandmother and classmates. In an effort to guide Julie onto a better path, Mr. Miyagi decides to teach her karate.

This leads to the conventional Karate Kid stereotypical tournaments, fighting sequences, and a whole lot of bullies being put in their place.

The plot of the film includes an element that stretches credibility, in that the aunt agrees to leave her home and her niece in the care of Mr. Miyagi, a man she has just met. While it is mentioned that he was a friend of her brother, this seems like a weak justification for her decision.

On the positive side, the film includes a poignant moment in which Miyagi imparts wisdom to the girl, stating that while street gangs killing each other and nations attempting to destroy each other are foolish, showing respect for all forms of life is not. This aligns with the character’s previously demonstrated wisdom in the other films in the series.

The bad guys in the film are high school monitors who are led by a teacher who encourages violence. These monitors, who are clearly adults, are led by a character named Ned, who is depicted as a creepy, muscle-bound man-child who works full-time as security and harasses those who refuse to follow him to the docks, a location that is significant to him. The monitors also wear a black uniform that gives off a fascist and greaser vibe.

Overall, their portrayal in the film is disturbing and they are generally the worst part of the film, they not only take away from its simplicity but also seem excessive.

Pat Morita gives a strong performance and has good chemistry with Hilary Swank. Despite the film’s flaws, Morita’s portrayal of Mr. Miyagi is consistently enjoyable. Swank is charming and shows hints of her later talent, while Michael Ironside is a solid villain but lacks depth in this film. Chris Conrad as the love interest is wooden and unconvincing. The performances in the film are a mixed bag, with Morita and Swank standing out as the strongest.

Although “The Next Karate Kid” may not have the most exciting fight scenes or the most impressive choreography, it does have strong technical elements such as good cinematography and a pleasant soundtrack. The film’s visuals are pleasing, with nice scenery and adequate cinematography by Laszlo Kovacs.

The Music

The musical score, composed by Bill Conti, who also worked on the Rocky series, is a highlight of the film, incorporating some disco-influenced elements. The film may not reach the same heights as the original trilogy in terms of action and storytelling, but it still has a number of positive aspects that make it worth watching.


When viewing “The Next Karate Kid,” it’s important to consider it on its own merits rather than comparing it to the previous three films in the series. While it may not reach the same level of quality as the others, it’s not as bad as some people might make it out to be. Hilary Swank gives a solid performance in her role, and Pat Morita is, as expected, excellent. On the other hand, Michael Ironside and his group of supporting characters are less enjoyable to watch.

The plot is unoriginal and the script is not particularly strong. Overall, if you’re a fan of the Karate Kid series and are willing to accept a somewhat clichéd and somewhat subpar fourth installment, this film may be worth checking out for its strong acting and technical elements.

The Next Karate Kid
The Next Karate Kid is the fourth in the famous series of martial arts films, this time with a female protagonist. Download it now and see what happened.
4.5 Total Score
The Next Karate Kid Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Pat Morita and Hillary Swank are great in this film!
  • The soundtrack is fun
  • The cinematography lacks quite heavily in terms of shot composition and lighting
  • The script is truly the definition of bland
  • The story has no sense of direction or development
  • The performances by the rest of the cast aren’t great
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