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Talking about The OA without getting mad is going to be very challenging. Not because I hate this show, but because I loved it! Let me explain, The OA is a Netflix Original, and that alone probably tells you where this story is going! This is one of many shows that Netflix canned before it was due to end, causing The OA to end on a massive cliffhanger that is probably never going to get resolved!

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I am telling you that now because I do not want you to read this review, get all excited, start watching the show, and then get mad as hell over the way it ends. At least if you know it is going to end on a cliffhanger, you can go into watching it with that in mind. Hey, you will still have a great time watching it, but just know you are left with many what-ifs!

So, what is The OA about? A young blind girl called Prairie Johnson goes missing from her adoptive parent’s home for seven years. No one has any idea what happened to Prairie and most people have just assumed that she is dead and will never end up being found.

Seven years later something strange happens, Prairie shows up and she is different. Prairie now has these mysterious scars on her back and she can see! Of course, people are thrilled and amazed that she is back, some even go as far as to say that it is a miracle. However, others are not so convinced.

As you would expect, the authorities want to know who took her, where she has been, and what happened to her while she was away. Prairie refuses to tell people what happened, except for a select core group of five people. Prairie refers to herself as The Original Angel (hence the OA) and her team is the only one that she shares what happened to her with.

Now, I am not about to go into spoiler territory for you here as the way this show ended up going was not something that I expected. Let me just say that Prairie wants this team of five that she has assembled to help her find these other people who have gone missing. It makes for a fun mystery show, but there is more than just mystery at play in The OA.

The OA is a mystery show, however, it is also a show that has sci-fi and supernatural type stuff as well!  This is a show that I just got more and more into and I loved how the second season leaned even more into the sci-fi and supernatural stuff, it makes me wonder just where this series would have ended up had they gotten all five of the seasons that they intended for the show to have!

The OA in many ways reminds me of another Netflix show I loved, Archive 81! Archive 81 was also a great mystery show with sci-fi and supernatural elements that got canned with a huge cliffhanger ending! I still think that this show is fantastic and I maybe would go back and watch it again someday. However, it is beyond frustrating how Netflix canceling shows before they get a proper conclusion is something that they do somewhat frequently!

The OA
The OA is a mystery TV series that spans two seasons and 16 episodes. Download it now and see what happened to Prairie Johnson.
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The OA Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The mystery that this show presents is truly fascinating stuff
  • I loved the mixture of mystery, sci-fi, and supernatural story elements
  • The core cast of characters are great
  • This show does not get enough credit for how good it looks!
  • It ends with a massive and I mean massive cliffhanger
  • As the show does end with that big cliffhanger, it is a hard sell to get people to give it a chance
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