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I’ll be 100% real with you, there is barely ever a good Hollywood remake of any Asian properties. You will almost never find a remake to be a good film, and it’s hard to measure the way a remake can be good, or better than its predecessor. However, Gore Verbinski really tried his hardest to ensure that The Ring (2002) was going to be just as good as the original Japanese film, Ringu. It may not be as good as he had hoped, but it is a surefire better remake than we could have ever anticipated.

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The Movie Review

The Ring is a horror-thriller movie about a cursed videotape that, when watched, triggers a phone call warning the viewer they have seven days left to live. Investigative journalist Rachel Keller learns about the tape and sets out to uncover the truth behind it. As she delves deeper, she discovers a dark and terrifying mystery surrounding the tape’s origins and the horrific fate that awaits those who watch it. Rachel races against time to uncover the truth and save herself and her loved ones from the deadly curse of the videotape.

The opening scene of the film is a perfect set-up for the horror that is to follow, featuring an eerie video clip that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. From there on, the story is mostly quite compelling, with a captivating premise and high stakes.

The pacing of the film is well-done, with the right mix of tension and suspense building throughout the movie. However, there are times when the film drags on a bit too long, with certain scenes feeling unnecessary and adding little to the overall story.

The Ring is not going to bore you with an overreliance on jump scares, which is a refreshing change from many horror films. When they are used, they are effective, and they are never gratuitous or cheap. The movie instead focuses on building tension and suspense, which it does exceptionally well.

The horror and thriller vibes are undeniably strong with this one. The movie is genuinely creepy and unsettling, with a sense of dread that permeates throughout. The film is not without its flaws, but it certainly delivers on the scares.

The Acting

The acting is generally good here, with Naomi Watts delivering a standout performance as the protagonist, Rachel. Martin Henderson and David Dorfman also give solid performances, with Dorfman’s portrayal of the young and creepy Aidan being particularly memorable. However, there are a few performances that feel a bit wooden, with some of the secondary characters feeling underdeveloped.

The film could have benefitted a lot from their characters being explored a bit more before their arcs came to a conclusion.

The Visuals

Gore Verbinski knows how to build tension and suspense, using slow camera movements and long takes to create an atmosphere of unease. He also makes great use of sound and lighting to enhance the horror elements of the film. Verbinski’s direction is one of the strongest aspects of the movie. He makes great use of the Pacific Northwest setting, with moody shots of the coastline and rain-soaked forests.

The color palette is muted and eerie, adding to the overall creepy atmosphere of the film. The use of close-ups and handheld camera work also helps to create a sense of intimacy with the characters.

The Music

The music and soundtrack in The Ring are effective, with a haunting and atmospheric score that complements the horror elements of the film. However, there are times when the music is a bit too on-the-nose, with certain cues feeling like they are trying too hard to be scary.


The Ring (2002) is a film with much to offer, boasting a captivating story, masterful direction, and visually stunning imagery. However, there are some minor flaws that take away from the overall experience. Nonetheless, the film succeeds in creating an unnerving atmosphere, and the well-executed jump scares contribute to the thriller and horror elements.

In medical terms, the movie is like a patient with minor afflictions that detract from an otherwise robust constitution. Although it’s not perfect, The Ring remains a commendable horror film that horror enthusiasts should undoubtedly check out.

The Ring
The Ring is a horror film from 2002 that is a remake of a successful Japanese movie from 1998. Download it now.
6.5 Total Score
The Ring Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The film's story is engaging and draws the audience in
  • The direction by Gore Verbinski is strong and effectively creates a creepy atmosphere, and well-executed jump scares
  • The performances by the lead cast of characters are great
  • The visuals and cinematography are stunning and add to the eerie tone of the movie
  • The pacing can feel slow at times, which may bore some viewers
  • Some of the performances are underwhelming and may detract from the overall experience
  • The script writing and dialogue quality can be uneven and may feel clichéd in parts
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