The Sandman (TV Series)

The Sandman was one of the shows I was most excited about on Netflix in 2022. Based on the series of DC comics of the same name, this is a very well-done show that kept me entertained from the start until the end. This is a show that is great watch, no matter how familiar you are with the source material.

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You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you like Tom Sturridge who plays Dream of the Endless / Lord Morpheus check him out in Velvet Buzzsaw as Jon Dondon.

The Sandman (TV Series) Review

The premise of the show is that our main character, The Sandman, or Dream or Morpheus as he is more commonly referred to in our show, is the king of dreams/sleep. Dream has his own realm to rule, but there are other powerful beings such as Death, Desire & Despair, and Lucifer that have their own realms too.

Many, many years ago, a man who craves to hold power over death ended up capturing and imprisoning Dream for 100 years. While Dream is held captive, his realm ends up in ruins, but his “tools” that amplify his power have been stolen. Also, Nightmares have escaped from the dream realm and are causing trouble in the human world.

Now, that alone sounds like a great premise for a show, right? However, The Sandman actually has a far more complex series of story threads that all are connected and keep you invested in what is going on. There are some fantastic performances in this show, Tom Sturridge as Dream/Morpheus is truly amazing and brings the character to life very faithfully.

I was also very impressed with David Thewlis who plays John Dee. John Dee is a tremendous character in this show and one that is a pretty awesome and iconic DC villain for those that are into the DC Universe. Corinthian is the main nightmare that Dream is trying to get back under control, he is a sinister serial killer in the waking world and Boyd Holbrook is just fantastic in this role.

While most people tend to talk about the start or the ending of a show, one of the things that I found most interesting about The Sandman was that in my opinion, the best episodes were right in the middle of the show. Episodes 4,5 and 6 were some of the best content I have seen in a superhero TV show and I am talking about both DC and Marvel.

The whole series was good, but it was these three episodes that really wowed me. We get to see Dream going to hell in order to battle Lucifer, John Dee messing with people in a diner and trying to encourage them to live out their darkest desires, and Death helping Dream to discover what it is he really wants.

I also have to give a ton of credit to the production designers of this show. The Sandman is one of the best-looking TV shows/movies I have seen this year. It has a very gothic, almost Tim Burton kind of vibe to the way it looks, and the visual effects are incredibly well done for a TV show. It has a very high-end look to it and a style that makes it stand out from all the other Netflix TV shows.

Overall, The Sandman is one of the best TV shows Netflix has produced this year. Of course, as I am so into the show, it probably means it will end up canceled as that is the way Netflix seems to operate these days! No matter if you love the comics or have never heard of them, I just do not see any way you are not entertained by this show.

The Sandman (TV Series)
The Sandman is a fantasy TV Series available on Netflix. It is based on a comic book by Neil Richard MacKinnon Gaiman (1960). Download it now and enter the world of dreams.
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The Sandman (TV Series) Review Summary

  • Dream is a truly captivating and interesting character
  • There is a run of three episodes in the middle of the series that are truly incredible
  • I loved the way that the show looked
  • All of the performances in this show are fantastic
  • With the way Netflix cancels shows on a whim, I am not counting on a second season actually getting made!
  • It is very unlikely that this will ever get a physical release!
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