The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons Movie is an animated comedy film produced by Gracie Films. The film is based on the popular television series called The Simpsons and was released on 21st July 2007. Directed by David Silverman, the film features James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Ian Maxtone-Graham, George Meyer, and David Mirkin as the main voice cast.

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The Film Review

The movie begins as we get to see how the pollution in Springfield has affected the whole town to such an extent, that the popular band called Green Day perishes due to them being present in the lake. Even after such an extreme incident, the people of the town, unaware of the consequences of pollution, continue to contaminate the already polluted lake.

One of the town’s people and the film’s main character, Homer Simpson, manages to adopt a pig and store its goo in a silo. Despite being told by his wife, Marge, to throw the silo away in a proper filtering facility, Bart still dumps the silo into the lake causing a massive chemical reaction which mutates a squirrel into a monster when it enters the lake.

Due to Bart’s actions, the Simpsons are forced into exile as a result of protests carried out by the rest of the town, meanwhile, the president of the country, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is tricked by the head of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) into signing an order which states the destruction of Springfield in order to stop the pollution from further spreading. The film revolves around the Simpsons as they try to prevent their city from being destroyed.

As production began for the film, the main cartoonist, Matt Groening, rejected the idea of animating the film using CGI effects. Hence, the animation was carried out in the same way as in the TV show but with added effects. Despite the same format, there were some noticeable changes that could be seen in the film such as the formation of shadows beneath each character and the increased sharpness in the overall film.

A lot of animation was done through tablets called Wacom Cintiq, which allowed images of the characters to be drawn directly into the computer screens for simulations. The animation production took place in four different animation studios around the world with each studio responsible for producing a particular chunk of the overall film. Director David Silverman stated that he, at the time, idolized The Incredibles in terms of animation such that he wanted to emulate and apply those qualities on to The Simpsons Movie.

As far as the music is concerned, the filmmakers chose Hans Zimmer to compose the main theme song for the movie. Zimmer believed that he wanted to use the TV show theme song as the foundation but did not want to overuse that element. Zimmer also composed smaller themes for Bart and Marge as well. Apart from that, Green Day also produced is own version of the Simpsons theme song and later released it as a single.

Entertaining and full of that classic Simpson wit, The Simpsons movie has successfully managed to carve its name on to the big screens as well. The movie is full of laughter, relatable sarcasm, satire, and of course, nonsense which makes it definitely worth a watch, specifically for the audiences who regularly follow the popular television series as well.

The Simpsons Movie
The Simpsons Movie a feature film based on the acclaimed Fox TV cartoon. Download it to have a good time with the famous family from Springfield.
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