The Social Network

When you think of a historical autobiography on Facebook’s cherished CEO, Mark Zuckerberg. You don’t think a cutthroat political thriller, or a business film solely based around the ideas of cutting people off or even stealing ideas. However, David Fincher’s The Social Network does exactly this.

The film has n aura of realism, taking real-life events and adding cinema’s most popular weapon, “the movie magic” right into it. The film takes inspiration from Mark Zuckerberg’s actual real-life events, showing how often you have to become a ruthless person when it comes to your business and the battle for success.

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The Movie Review

Cast and Crew

Mark Zuckerberg, played by the incredibly talented Jesse Eisenberg is casting at its highest standard. Jesse plays the character of the reserved protagonist with a finesse that can only be expected if the actor truly knows how to be awkward in their own life. Lucky for us, a whole YouTube list of videos does show how awkward Jesse can be.

Andrew Garfield plays the role of Facebook’s co-founder and Mark’s really good friend turned enemy; Eduardo Saverin. Garfield’s chemistry with both Jesse Eisenberg and Armie Hammer as the Winklevoss twins is what sold me on the film other than Jesse’s incredible performance.

David Fincher dons the helms for this film, right after finishing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Zodiac, which means he was ready for both historical accuracy and magical realism in thriller form. Fincher’s mastery of story-telling and managing the intensity between moments is unparalleled in the current contemporary list of Hollywood directors. He brings the same strengths to The Social Network in full hopes to succeed.

Long-time Fincher collaborator Jeff Cronenweth’s cinematography shines here, with some of the best use of lighting and framing in a drama film that you will ever find. What elevates the film even further is Trent Rezner and Atticus Ross’ HAUNTING soundtrack, which oftentimes sent shivers down my spine during a watch. It was so mind-blowingly well written as a score, that I keep it in my playlist at all times.


The story follows Mark Zuckerberg as he’s a student at Harvard, trying to make full sense of his life. He runs into Eduardo Saverin, and they become decent acquaintances. One day, he gets an offer from The Winklevoss Twins to work on a Harvard social networking application, the same night Mark talks to Eduardo about an idea called “The Facebook”.

Things spiral out of control as business begins to seep into friendship and loyalty, while people from all walks of life become involved in this overarching drama thriller. Mark Zuckerberg’s most important features are not his intellect or his wit; it’s his resilience in the face of adversity and it shows so so vividly in The Social Network.

Honestly, after all of the recent controversy with Facebook, Mark’s made it out by the skin of his teeth that is the sort of dedication you’re looking for in a leader even if he is taking all of us’ data.


In conclusion, Fincher’s slow-burn drama about a Harvard student going on to become one of the most powerful beings on this planet is a sharp one. The humor in The Social Network is as sharp as its intensity, and the writing on display here is magnificent.

The film is accompanied by some of the most amazing music I have ever heard in a film, not to mention an exciting style of framing and coloring that makes it a pleasant thing to just constantly stare at. Each frame of this film is art, each dialogue is fun to listen to and each character feels like a real person.

The Social Network
The Social Network is a biographical movie about the founder of Facebook. Download it now and follow the story of Mark Zuckerberg.
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