The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy is awesome! I am starting this by saying that because I am not sure how I can do a show like this justice with my words! This is based on the comic book of the same name that was actually created by the lead singer of My Chemical Romance which is pretty damn cool.

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This has to be regarded as one of the biggest success stories that Netflix has. While some things are changed from the comic book series, this stands on its own as a great series and it is just a ton of fun. As of me writing this, The Umbrella Academy has three seasons and each one is great in its own way.

The premise of the show is that in the late 80s, 43 ladies around the world gave birth at the same time, but none of them were pregnant at the start of the day. A weird billionaire called, Reginald Hargreaves, manages to “buy” seven of the babies and he turns them into a superhero team thanks to them having superpowers.

They live at a place called, The Umbrella Academy. We have Luther who is super strong, Diego who is kind of like Batman, Fives who can teleport through time, Allison who can manipulate people with her words, Klaus who can communicate with the dead, and then we have Vanya and Ben. Vanya is thought to have no powers and Ben is dead and only Klaus can communicate with him.

Each character feels unique and has their own stuff going on. They have been estranged for many years, each doing their own thing. Luther is loyal to his “dad” Alisson is an actress, Klaus is a drug addict and Five has been missing for over a decade! Hargreaves dies and his funeral brings the group back together for the first time in years, Fives shows up and warns them that the apocalypse is coming and they need to stop it!

Part of the first season is about the group trying to stop the apocalypse, but also dealing with the trauma their dad left them with as well as trying to reconnect with each other. It makes for some great viewing and you always want to jump straight into the second episode. It does a wonderful job of getting us to know these characters, so much so that things get even crazier in the second season.

No spoilers, but the group ends up back in time, Dallas in the early 60s to be exact and things are even crazier. They are trying to get adjusted to life here, all the while trying to figure out how to return back to their own time. There is a whole time bureau thing going on in this series which is pretty insane. I think that season two is my personal favorite!

The third season is all about the consequences of messing with time. Sure, The Umbrella Academy make it back to their own time, but things are very different and there is a new academy, The Sparrow Academy in their place! The third season is just batshit crazy with what it does, but I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

The Umbrella Academy is the kind of show that you have to pay attention to. This is not a show where you can be messing around on Facebook while you are watching it! It hooks you right from the start and as you never know what the heck can happen next, it never lets go and the shocks just do not stop coming. If you have Netflix, you have to watch this!

The Umbrella Academy
The Umbrella Academy is a superhero TV series based on a comic book written by American singer, songwriter (1977), and comic book writer Gerard Way, and illustrated by Brazilian comic book artist Gabriel Bá (1976). Download it now.
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The Umbrella Academy Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The show does an amazing job of letting you know all of the main characters
  • The special effects and action scenes are fantastic
  • Each season is insane but in the best way possible
  • It is one of the best original series on Netflix!
  • The Blu-Ray releases are better than nothing, but I would love a 4K release
  • This is not the show for you if you like to mess on your phone when you are watching TV!
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