The Wedding Ringer

It may be predictable as hell and the trailers show all the best bits, but damn it, The Wedding Ringer is a fun comedy that is worth a watch. This is one of those movies that was panned by critics, but most people I know who have seen it have at the very least said it was okay. If you have been married or been part of a wedding you know the run-up to a wedding sucks big time and is so stressful and this movie has fun with that.

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The Movie Review

I will say that while I said the movie was fun, at the end of the day having fun with this movie all depends on if you like Kevin Hart (check him out in Get Hard, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and  Night School). I love Kevin Hart, yes he is the same in 99 percent of the stuff that he is in, but that is what I like about him! He is very typical fast-talking Kevin Hart here and he is great, but if the whole Kevin Hart schtick is something you do not like, there is no way in hell you will like this movie!

Jimmy’s Unique Business Idea

Kevin Hart plays the role of a guy called Jimmy and Jimmy has the greatest idea for a business. He is a professional best man for people who do not have friends but are getting married. Josh Gad plays a very likable, but kind of sad character called Doug and he is getting married to Gretchen, played by the gorgeous Kaley Cuoco.

A Heartwarming Friendship

Doug calls up Jimmy and tells him that he needs seven groomsmen! Jimmy has never pulled anything off this big, but he calls in some buddies and they hold auditions to fill the other groomsmen’s spots. The ensemble cast in this movie is awesome, with Alan Ritchson, Mimi Rodgers, Jorge Garcia, and Affion Crockett being some of my favorites. We even have some NFL legends playing themselves which is fun.

Laughs and Heart

Doug and Jimmy hit it off and you can see their real friendship blossoming. The funny thing is, Jimmy always says that it is just business and they are not real friends. Yet, you can see it coming from a mile away that these two are going to become best buddies. Josh Gad and Kevin Hart work very well together and the way their friendship develops does give the movie a lot of heart.

Comedy Galore

While it does have heart, The Wedding Ringer also has a lot of laughs. There is a football game that gets out of hand and a scene with a dog and some peanut butter that you have to see for yourself! It has many laugh-out-loud moments, but as I said earlier, if you are someone who does not find the fast-talking often manic Kevin Hart funny, this is probably going to be your idea of a nightmare.


I would never in a million years say that The Wedding Ringer has any kind of chance of being on my greatest comedies of all time list, but I still had fun with this. While the plot is very predictable, the manic moments, laugh-out-loud comedy, and the ensemble cast more than make up for it. If you like or at the very least do not mind Kevin Hart, give this one a try if you are looking for something fun and easy to watch.

The Wedding Ringer
7.5 Total Score
The Wedding Ringer Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I thought Kevin Hart and Josh Gad were great together
  • There are many funny moments in the movie
  • That scene with the dog had me in tears of laughter!
  • While it is funny, it also has a bit of heart to it as well
  • If you are not a Kevin Hart fan, you will hate this movie!
  • Even by just watching the trailer, you know where this movie is going
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