Ticket to Paradise

If you have seen the trailer for Ticket to Paradise, I would wager that you will know just from that one trailer, exactly how this movie is going to go! This is a romantic comedy that is pretty harmless and fun in places but ultimately is instantly forgettable. You can still have a fun time with it, just do not expect anything amazing.

How to Download Ticket to Paradise

45 days after its theatrical release (21 October 2022 in US) you should be able to download or stream the film from Peacock TV. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the current availability. If you like George Clooney, check out also our reviews of Gravity, Ocean’s Thirteen, or The Perfect Storm. Julia Roberts Fans, on the other hand, should see her in Ocean’s Twelve (George Clooney is there too), Erin Brockovich, and Notting Hill.

The Movie Review

The wife and I often enjoy a fun romantic comedy and I would certainly describe Ticket to Paradise as fun. I was interested in checking this one out as the cast seemed great with George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Kaitlyn Dever, and Billy Lourd being actors I have enjoyed over the years.

We have this aging divorced couple in David and Georgia. David and Georgia were married 20 years ago and they rushed into it, started to hate each other, and still have immense resentment toward each other to this day. It is fun to see them sniping back and forward with each other and Clooney and Roberts are clearly having a great time with this role.

There is one thing that David and Georgia can agree on and that is they both love their daughter Lily. Lily has a good life; she is just about to become a lawyer and her parents could not be any happier for her. Well, to celebrate, Georgia and her friend, Wren take a trip to Bali and this is where things go very wrong for David and Georgia.

They get a very surprising email from Lily. While in Bali, Lily meets Gede and they instantly fall in love, despite only knowing each other for a short while, they decide to get married. I really like the chemistry that Lily and Gede have in this movie and while you do feel like they are rushing into things, you are really pulling for them to make it work.

David and Georgia freak out big time over this news! They feel that Lily is making the same mistake that they did over 20 years ago and agree to team up to try and sabotage the wedding. Look, what you see in the trailer is pretty much what you get with Ticket to Paradise.

You get to see David and Georgia come up with all kinds of silly, borderline slapstick ways to try and sabotage this wedding. While I feel like what is happening in the movie could not be any more predictable. I will still not spoil anything that happens, what goes down is pretty fun and there are some legit laugh-out-loud moments in the movie.

One thing that I enjoyed immensely was the Bali setting. They do a great job of making you fall in love with the place where this movie is set. It made the wife and I think perhaps we should look into taking a trip to Bali! As you love the location so much, I feel, it makes you warm much more to the characters too.

You do not go into a romantic comedy expecting to have your life changed! With that being said, Ticket to Paradise is one of the more fun rom-coms I have seen recently. It has a solid cast, some funny moments, and one of the most gorgeous locations I have ever seen! It may be extremely predictable, but the talented cast manages to pull it off.

Ticket to Paradise
Ticket to Paradise is a romantic comedy from 2022 with Julia Roberts and George Clooney. Download it and have a lovely time.
7.5 Total Score
Ticket to Paradise Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • George Clooney and Julia Roberts have fantastic chemistry
  • Bali looks amazing and I want to go there!
  • There are some legit funny moments in the movie
  • It is a fun movie to watch for a date night
  • The plot is one of the most predictable I have seen this year
  • While fun, it is pretty much instantly forgettable
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