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So, the wife and I watched Turning Red the Friday it was released on Disney Plus. We thought it was a heartwarming and fun movie from Pixar and thought that most other people would think the same. While there are many who love this movie, there is a weird vocal minority speaking out against the “metaphors” and how it is not appropriate for children!

How to Stream or Download Turning Red

You can stream and watch Turning Red on Disney+. Click on the Download button at the end of the review to access the platform. If you like Pixar films, check out also their previous releases – Luca (2021), Soul (2020), Onward (2020), and Toy Story 4 (2019).

Turning Red – the Review

That to me is crazy, this is another classic from Pixar and I have never for one second got any vibes like that from it. There is no “controversy” with this movie if you ask me, it is just a fun Disney/Pixar movie that is very clever and has a great deal of heart. If you just plain do not like the movie, fair enough. However, if you have an issue or problem with the story, characters or message, that is on you.

The story of Turning Red is about 13-year-old Mei who is a super adorable kid who tries her best to be the best daughter to make her parents proud. She gets great grades, works hard, is nice, kind, and even works in her family’s temple. While you get that her mom wants the best for her, she does come off super hard on her too.

Mei’s family has a bit of a secret in that they have inherited a power, but they call it a curse from their ancestor. This “curse” causes them to turn into a red panda when their emotions are rampant. Mei is good at controlling her emotions thanks to her three best friends. Mei and the friendship she has with her three besties is a real feel-good aspect of this movie.

Mei and her friends are huge fans of this boy band called 4-Town and they are coming to play a show in Toronto, but the tickets are 200 bucks! Mei decides to embrace her red panda and her and her friends start offering photos, selling merch, and so on to make money. The thing is, the more Mei, embraces the red panda, the harder it is to stay in control.

Mei’s mom, her grandmother, and other relatives tell her that there is a family ritual they can do which will remove the curse. Of course, things go wrong and Mei then has to decide if she is going to keep being the daughter her mother wants or if she will just try and live her own life.

The way that Turning Red handles the mother/daughter dynamic is done fantastically well here. I will admit that at first, I did not like Mei’s mother, but you do actually start to sympathize with her and by the end of the movie as things come full circle, it gives you a real warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

I thought that Turning Red was a fantastic movie, Disney has been nailing it lately, Soul, Luca, Encanto, and now Turning Red are all fantastic stories, but I think this one may be my favorite. Ignore the people complaining online and just enjoy this movie for what it is and you will have a real feel-good feeling once the credits start to roll.

Turning Red
Turning Red is an animated comedy film by Pixar. It tells a story of a teenage girl who, when emotional, transforms into a big red panda. Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
Turning Red Review Summary

  • Great coming of age story
  • Friendship of the four girls
  • A well-presented relationship between mother and daughter
  • 4-Town
  • Some may not like some of the topics in the film
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