Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Every time I watch a film in this franchise, I am left with more disappointment than I expect. I go in expecting to be fully dissatisfied, but somehow the films outdo themselves. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is a film that suffers from poor execution in various aspects. It is a prequel to the popular Underworld franchise that attempts to explore the backstory of the conflict between the vampires and the Lycans. Unfortunately, it falls short in several areas, living up to the expectations set by its predecessors.

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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – the Movie Review

The film is set in a dark, gothic world where vampires rule over humans and keep the Lycans as slaves. Viktor, the vampire elder, is in charge of maintaining the order of the vampire coven, and his loyal servant, Lucian, is the leader of the Lycan slaves. As the story unfolds, Lucian and Viktor’s daughter, Sonja, develop a forbidden love affair. This love threatens the established order of the vampire coven and creates tensions between the Lycans and the vampires.

When the relationship is discovered, a power struggle ensues, leading to a war between the two factions. The film explores the history of the Lcans, their abilities, and their origin, shedding light on their past and their reasons for wanting to overthrow the vampires. As the conflict intensifies, Lucian and Sonja find themselves leading their respective groups into battle, fighting for their freedom and the survival of their kind.

The plot of Underworld: Rise of the Lycans limps along, weighed down by a predictable and uninspired story. It lacks the tension and complexity that made the previous installments so captivating, failing to ignite a spark of excitement or interest in the viewer.

The pacing is leaden, making it a tedious slog to get through. The script is a lackluster attempt at storytelling that fails to deliver any real depth or nuance. The dialogue quality is subpar, sounding stilted and forced in the mouths of the actors. The interactions between the characters feel contrived and unnatural, leaving the audience with a sense of detachment and indifference toward them.

The direction of the film is average, but the pacing and execution of the story are subpar. The director fails to create a cohesive narrative that can hold the viewer’s attention. The movie feels disjointed and poorly constructed, failing to convey a sense of importance.

The Characters

The characters’ personalities and motivations are as shallow as a puddle after a light rain, never delving beneath the surface to explore their inner workings. They lack any real development, leaving the viewer feeling as if they barely know them at all. The result is a sense of disconnection and apathy towards the characters, robbing the film of any real emotional impact.

It doesn’t help that the performances aren’t great either. While there are a few standout performances, they are few and far between. Michael Sheen, who plays Lucian, delivers a performance that is serviceable but ultimately fails to fully capture the audience’s attention.

Rhona Mitra, who plays Sonja, fares even worse. Her performance is wooden and unconvincing, Bill Nighy, who reprises his role as Viktor, feels like he is simply going through the motions, failing to bring any real sense of urgency or danger to the role. Steven Mackintosh, who plays Tannis, delivers a performance that is forgettable and dull. Similarly, Kevin Grevioux, who plays Raze, fails to bring any real depth or nuance to his character.

The Visuals

The movie’s brooding and gothic aesthetic perfectly capture the essence of the franchise, while the camera work adds a palpable sense of suspense and unease. However, these visuals alone are not enough to carry the film, as its other weak elements weigh it down like leaden shackles.

The action and stunt choreography, in particular, are sorely lacking. The fight scenes are a shadow of what they could have been, failing to ignite any real excitement or energy in the viewer. They feel dull and uninspired, with none of the flair or creativity that one would expect from an action movie. Even the special effects fail to impress, feeling repetitive and unremarkable.

The Music

While it attempts to capture the epic scope and grandeur of the film’s story, the score, composed by Paul Haslinger, falls short in several key ways. It fails to create a memorable musical identity for the film, leaving it feeling disjointed.

The soundtrack lacks the distinctiveness and emotional resonance that would have made it a standout feature. The music fails to evoke any real sense of danger, drama, or excitement, instead feeling unimaginative. The use of generic orchestral sounds and electronic beats does little to distinguish the score from the countless other forgettable action movie soundtracks out there.


While it attempts to capture the magic and allure of the previous films, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans falls short in almost every regard, like a runner who falls just short of the finish line. Its weak plot, dull pacing, lackluster script, and subpar performances are only partially redeemed by its strong visuals and cinematography.

It’s sad that even the film’s action and stunt choreography fail to deliver the thrills and excitement one would expect from an action movie, feeling as lifeless as a mummified corpse. Ultimately, it is a film that will leave the viewer feeling underwhelmed and disappointed.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans is the third film in the series that tells the story of the eternal conflict between werewolves and vampires. Download it now.
3.5 Total Score
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The visuals and cinematography create a dark and gothic atmosphere that captures the essence of the Underworld franchise
  • The performances of Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy are passable
  • The plot is predictable and lacks any level of intelligence
  • The pacing is dull and sluggish, failing to engage audiences
  • The script is lackluster, with below-average dialogue and forced interactions between the characters
  • The action and stunt choreography feel repetitive
  • The soundtrack is forgettable
  • The characters' personalities and motivations are poorly developed
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