What drew me to the show Vikings was that WWE Superstar Edge had a role in it! It ended up being a show that I really enjoyed for the first four seasons and kind of tolerated for the final two. Still, Vikings is a show that I do look back on fondly, but I know for a fact I am not the only one who has this view about the quality of the final two seasons.

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Vikings: More Than Just Wrestling Moves: A Movie Review

You may be shocked to hear this, but Vikings is a show about Vikings! Ok, so enough of my smart mouth, truth be told, Vikings is a very character-driven and exciting historical romp with the ultimate Viking leader, Ragnar Lothbrok. Ragnar is played by the very talented Travis Fimmel who gives everything he has to this role.

Ragnar’s Rise and Viking Adventures

The first four seasons mainly follow Ragnar and his family and followers as he sets his sights on the world. Ragnar’s story is truly amazing stuff as he goes from being a farmer to a Viking warrior to becoming a King once he makes his way to England. It is pretty much his story.

Blending Legends and Fiction

Now, despite visiting the awesome Jovic Viking Center in York here in the UK multiple times, my knowledge about actual Viking history is rather slim. However, from what I gather, the inspiration for this show is taken from actual legends and even some historical stories and characters as well so it is a bit of truth and fiction which I thought was really cool.

Lagertha: The Queen I Admire

It is not just Ragnar that gets a lot of attention, Vikings has a great supporting cast, actually as awesome as he was. I do have to say that Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha is my favorite character and her rise from a wife to a Queen in her own right is awesome stuff. Katheryn Winnick is such a badass, I cannot believe that she has not been snapped up for a main role in a Marvel or DC movie by now! She was probably the main reason I kept watching during seasons five and six, to be honest with you.

Action, Drama, and Some Predictability

The first four, to be brutally truthful, I think three and a half is more like it as the show does lose steam by season four as you can see what is going to happen a mile away, is great TV. Each episode features action, drama, suspense, and even a bit of mystery as you try to figure out if certain people close to Ragnar can be trusted!

A Shift in Focus and Quality

Seasons five and six kind of shift focus around and as a result, it made the show a lot less appealing for me. I get why they had to change to focusing more on different characters, but I felt like the whole quality of the show dipped. Those last two seasons are not unwatchable by any means and to be fair, Vikings is a series that I feel does nail the ending.

Better Than Vikings: Valhalla

One thing I will say about Vikings is that it is way better than the show that followed it, Vikings: Valhalla. If you love Vikings and want to see them in all their glory, this is a show you will have a lot of fun with. Hopefully you unlike me will remain invested through the final two seasons, but most people I know who watched this show when it was on were not huge fans of seasons five and six either.

Vikings is a historical drama TV series that centers around Ragnar Lodbrok, the legendary Viking hero. Download it now and enjoy the action.
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Vikings Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The story about the rise of Ragnar is great stuff
  • Katheryn Winnick is awesome as Lagertha
  • The show is pretty brutal and has some intense and amazingly shot action scenes
  • This is not just all about action, it has a solid story too
  • The final two (maybe two and a half) seasons are not as good
  • The violence, sex, and gore may be a bit extreme for some people
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