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Released in 1992 Wayne’s World is an absolute all time classic and one of the best comedies of the 90s. This was a huge cultural phenomenon and had a bunch of obnoxious kids like myself saying “NOT” and “Shwing” all the time to a very annoying level! The movie is based on the popular Saturday Night Live sketch of the same name and it is what shot Mike Myers to superstardom in the 90s.

How to Download Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World was released on February 14, 1992. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform such as Amazon Prime Video. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.

The Movie Review

It is crazy to think that Wayne’s World was released all the way back in 1992. 1992 to me feels like it was not that long ago, but it was over 30 years ago! I tell you, thinking about movies like this makes me realize that I am old as hell! Still, I may be old, but Wayne’s World is a movie that never gets old, no matter how many times I have seen it.

The movie is about two friends, Wayne and Garth who are played by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey and these two guys have amazing chemistry together. Wayne and Garth run a public access TV show out of Wayne’s parent’s basement. The show is all about rock music, them goofing off and just having a wild time….” Party Time” if you will!

They along with their buddies who work on the show just love life and are always having fun, however things are about to change! Wayne, Garth, and the rest of the crew are heading to a rock club where a band called Crucial Taunt is playing and Wayne falls in love at first sight with the singer Cassandra. Let me tell you, he was not the only one, I had a massive crush on Tia Carrere thanks to this and True Lies!

A Life-Changing Deal

While finding the love of his life was great, Wayne and Garth’s “professional” life is also about to change. Smooth talking, handsome, and sleazy businessman, Benjamin Kane discovers the show and makes Wayne and Garth a deal to buy the show. They agree and think that it is awesome as they now have all this money.

Benjamin though is not an honest guy. Benjamin takes the show and makes all kinds of changes that go against what Wayne and Garth created the show for and he makes moves on Cassandra. Rob Lowe plays Benjamin and he does it so amazingly well, you truly hate this guy and want to see Wayne put him in his place.

Wayne went from having it all to losing it all. Wayne has no girl, no show, and his best bud Garth is mad at him too and he has to do whatever it takes to get it all back. Wayne’s World is just a ton of fun and has so many memorable and quotable moments, I was known to do the Foxy Lady dance pretty damn well back in the day… well at least in my mind it was done well. The movie even though I know what is coming and what is going to be said still makes me laugh.

A Modern Look at Wayne’s World

Wayne’s World got a pretty awesome 4K release not too long ago and they actually did a fantastic job on this. I am hopeful that Wayne’s World 2 will also get the 4K treatment sooner rather than later. As you can tell, I love this movie, but I do wonder if you have to have seen it in the 90s to appreciate it. I was excited to share this with my son and he said it was “ok”!

Wayne's World
Wayne's World is a 1992 comedy about two friends with a public access TV show who face challenges after selling their program. Download it now.
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Wayne's World Review Summary

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  • How can you not love Wayne and Garth?
  • This movie has so many epic quotable lines
  • There are so many hilarious movies
  • It will make you laugh, cry and hurl!
  • I love this movie, but I slightly prefer Wayne’s World 2
  • This may be a product of its time with a younger generation not clicking with it like we did in the 90s
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