Wedding Crashers

Sex comedies have always been an off-putting genre, to say the least. They’re filled with misogynistic undertones and over-the-top romance scenes that don’t really serve much purpose to deserve existing. It’s a weird thing for most people to actually be invested in these stories because they usually don’t serve a purpose other than cheap laughs for a few hours.

Though sometimes, occasionally, you do get films that are somewhat smarter than that. The point isn’t to get cheap laughs for a few moments, but rather to be entertained throughout a whole film. Unfortunately, Wedding Crashers does not do a good job of that.

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The Movie Review

This is the story of two wedding-crashing womanizers, best buddies John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey love heading up to weddings and picking up chicks. This is what they do, for the most part, they find themselves at random weddings and find women to have one-night stands with. However, one day at one of such random weddings that these two deviants crash, John ends up falling in love with a girl named Claire Cleary.

Now that John has finally fallen in love with someone, how will Jeremy find himself crashing weddings alone? Will these two just give up on their womanizing or will they find a way to keep it going?

I don’t really know what to say about this film other than the fact that it’s a romantic comedy with a lot of romance and while it tries to do comedy, it is miserable at it. The script of this film in terms of comedy, could not be any worse. It’s just a miserable film to watch because there is basically no weight or consequence to any of the actions that our terrible protagonists are committing in this film. This is one of those films that justifies the pseudo-narrative portrayal of men being extremely creepy but then instead of facing consequences, they are rewarded by getting the girl.

This is further worsened by two of the most uncharismatic performances by the two lead actors here. Owen Wilson is absolutely hard to watch in this film, which is saying something because he’s usually always fantastic in almost all of his projects. Vince Vaughn is just as boring in this film as he has been in almost every project that he’s a part of.

However, there is a stand-out performance here, and unsurprisingly; it’s Rachel McAdams. She brings a HUGE amount of goodness to this film, not just with her character but also with her performance.

The other thing that is most visually present here that is pleasant to the senses and the eye is the romance. There is a LOT of it, and I don’t mean the actual explicit sequences, those are pretty bad in fact. I meant the scenes between Claire and John for example, or random moments between Jeremy and Gloria even though they’re not really a prime example of a perfect romantic couple. Those scenes are usually well written and the actors have decent chemistry that flows off well on the screen.

The cinematography, though, is absolutely horrible. I cannot begin to explain how bland this film looks. Director David Dobkin and cinematographer Julio Macat managed to make one of the worst-looking films I’ve ever seen. It’s not just that this film is so incredibly bland to watch in terms of story content, but it’s also incredibly bland to watch in terms of artistic liberties.

It’s just genuinely impossible to like it when there is such little effort put into the actual presentation of the film itself.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, I do not like this film. There are good things about it but they are so minuscule that they barely count at all. They seem pointless in comparison to the bulging issues that this film has. The pacing is great and the film doesn’t have any pointless moments that don’t contribute much to the story, yet the story itself is horrible, the acting is abysmal, and the cinematography is bland and colorless.

There isn’t much to like here, though if nothing else, you can always rely on this movie to make you laugh with some of the worst ‘wow’ lines of Owen Wilson’s career!

Wedding Crashers
Wedding Crashers is a romantic comedy about two divorce mediators who go to weddings to pick up women. Download it now and have fun,
4 Total Score
Wedding Crashers Review Summary

  • Decent romantic scenes.
  • Horribly acted.
  • Absurdly directed, with horrible pacing and consistency.
  • One of the worst scripts in the comedy genre.
  • Lifeless characters.
  • Colorless camerawork.
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