It’s not rare to see films that will melt your heart, make you cry, and make you feel all sorts of emotions. However, it’s rare to see a film truly pull it off in such a way that you’re left speechless at the end, with your face fully soaked in tears. I have personally not been affected that much by gut-wrencher flicks, but I must say, Wonder truly tried to make me feel things. Unfortunately, Wonder’s shortcomings were too harsh for it to leave a lasting impact on me.

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You can download the film from a digital store. You can also stream it. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you want to see another film with Jacob Tremblay, check him out as Rory McKenna in The Predator.

The Movie Review

Wonder paints a portrait of Auggie Pullman, a young boy whose face is marked by surgeries and a genetic disorder which he was born with. Auggie might be marked with a physical difference to others, but he is a boy of boundless kindness, whose love and spirit are as vast as the ocean. His mother is his North Star, guiding him through the storms of life with unshakable love and unwavering support. Though his father may have initially feared for Auggie’s well-being in the harsh world, he learns to see the world through his son’s eyes and embraces him for all that he is.

The film also delves into the struggles of Auggie’s sister Via, who finds herself feeling lonely and on the sidelines of the family due to the attention her parents give Auggie. The Pullman family’s love for each other shines like a beacon, illuminating the path to acceptance, and this story highlights that every step of the way.

­Wonder is a film that delves deep into the hearts and minds of its characters, offering a perspective from their experiences. The story explores the perspectives of the main characters, giving us a window into their inner thoughts and emotions.

While this approach allows for a deeper understanding of the characters, it also leaves the film with a missed opportunity. The story mainly centers around Auggie’s journey as he integrates into school and faces the challenges that come with it, particularly in the social realm.

While the story is compelling and well-executed, some of the characters may come across as tropey and cliché such as the bully whose tongue is a whip, the sweet girl whose affections are hidden behind a veil of hesitation, and the companion whose loyalty is swayed by peer pressure and force.

Wonder attempts to navigate the complexities of human emotion and experience through a lens of simplistic solutions and idealized scenarios, set to the accompaniment of cheerful piano music. However, in its attempt to present a safe and heartwarming family film, it falls short in its ability to truly capture the depth and nuance of the issues it addresses.

Its messages are confused and jarring, and its characters’ struggles are swiftly resolved through contrived and superficial means. While entertainment for children and families is important, it is also crucial for films to inspire and share the truth of human experience, rather than merely passing the time with shallow and insubstantial stories.

Despite these shortcomings, the film shines in the performances of Jacob Tremblay as Auggie and Izabela Vidovic as Via. These young actors bring a level of authenticity and dedication to their roles that is truly remarkable. Julia Roberts also delivers a powerful performance as Auggie’s mother, but it is the performances of Tremblay and Vidovic that truly steal the show. Their performances are unforgettable, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

The Music

The music of Wonder was an overwhelming cacophony, drowning out the delicate nuances of the story, yet simultaneously it was a ghostly echo, a melody that never quite reached the ears, leaving only a faint memory of its existence. In simple terms, it was as forgettable as it was unbearable at times, and it did not fit well with the story whatsoever.


Wonder is a film that attempts to navigate the complexities of human emotion and experience through a lens of simplistic solutions and idealized scenarios. However, it falls short in its ability to truly capture the depth and nuance of the issues it addresses.

The performances of Jacob Tremblay and Izabela Vidovic are noteworthy and truly remarkable, but because of the film’s music and the contrived and superficial way it addresses the characters’ struggles, it fails to leave a lasting impression. The story is heartwarming but it is shallow and insubstantial. It could be entertaining for children and families but it lacks the power to inspire and share the truth of the human experience.

Wonder is a coming-of-age film from 2017 that tells a story of a boy with TCS (a genetic disorder). Download it now and see what happened.
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Wonder Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The phenomenal performances of Jacob Tremblay and Izabela Vidovic, along with the rest of the cast including Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson
  • The story is heartwarming and could be entertaining for children and families
  • The music is overbearing and forgettable
  • The story falls short in its ability to truly capture the depth and nuance of the issues it addresses
  • Characters are cliche and simplistic solutions used to resolve the issues
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