Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Released in 2014, Wrong Turn 6: The Last Resort is one of the stranger entries in the series. The movie was supposed to be released earlier, but it was quickly pulled from store shelves! Like the other Wrong Turn movies, this sixth installment was a straight-to-DVD release and it is more like a reboot than a sequel or a prequel, but it still has the same three inbred hillbilly characters!

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The Movie Review

The Challenge of Accessing Wrong Turn 6

Before we get to the movie, I have to talk about how it drove me nuts not being able to get this! Here in the UK, I am 99 percent sure we never got the initial release and had to wait for it to be reissued. I will admit that this led to me having to watch the movie by less than legal means, but I did buy it when I was able to do so.


The reason the movie was pulled and delayed is kind of messed up. There is a scene with various missing persons posters in the movie and it turns out one of these is an actual real missing persons poster! How this made it through is beyond me, but people were not happy and that was why the movie got pulled with the poster being blurred in the re-release.

The Setting

I have said this a few times when talking about the Wrong Turn series, but the way they keep this fresh is truly amazing. They could have just set every movie in the woods, but they always try to freshen it up. The setting for Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort is a tucked away in the mountains hotel called Hobbs Springs.

Introduction of New Characters

Like other Wrong Turn movies, we get an awesome start here that reintroduces us to our three pals, Three Finger, Saw Tooth and One Eye as they take down these two people mountain biking through the woods. One that was a bit disappointing was that I wanted to see the relationship between these three and their grandpa Maynard from Wrong Turn 5 developed in this movie.

The New Direction in the Series

That is not what happens. Due to this being some kind of soft reboot, what happened before is dropped. Instead, we have Three Finger, Saw Tooth and One Eye being led by a brother and sister duo of Jackson and Sally. It is Jackson and Sally who run this hotel, but they are just as twisted as their three brothers.

The Twisted Plot

Turns out that this family is way bigger than you would think and this hotel is kind of used as a front for them to trap people so that they can kill them and use them for their food. Jackson and Sally are really messed up. They look normal on the surface, but they are just as dark and they have a sick incestuous relationship that the movie does not shy away from.

The Protagonists

The “protagonists” of Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort are led by a young man called Danny. Danny finds out that he is part of this family and he has inherited the hotel and shows up there with his friends to check it out. The movie does a good job of having our group of seven people be a mixture of being likable and those who we cannot wait for the three brothers to get their hands on them.

The Dilemma of Danny

Danny’s girlfriend, Toni ended up being a character that I really liked and was rooting for to survive. Jackson and Sally want to bring Danny back into the family and they slowly start to try and twist him and turn him against his friends. It is all done very well and you never know until the end if Danny is going to join his “real” family or stay and help his friends and Toni.

The Gore and Horror in Wrong Turn 6

This movie has some pretty gruesome stuff and in typical Wong Turn fashion some really awesome and bloody kills. The whole incest thing gives it a bit of a sick and twisted thing. Granted, inbreeding has always been part of this series, but this is the first time we actually see it going down.

Final Thoughts

While I would have loved to see what happened after the events of Wrong Turn 5, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort was very entertaining. It was a typical Wrong Turn movie, but I feel like they were trying to build the lore of this messed up family more. It is a shame that the series went on hiatus for so long after this as I would have been very interested in a sequel.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort
Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort is a twisted horror where a man inherits a hotel only to discover his family's dark, cannibalistic secrets. Download it now.
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Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The whole thing with Jackson and Sally was interesting
  • They try to expand the Wrong Turn lore in cool ways
  • Once again, the gore and the kills are a lot of fun
  • We have a decent cast of people you like and hate
  • I liked this, but I still want to know what happened after Wrong Turn 5
  • The whole thing with them using a real missing person's poster is messed up!
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