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Romantic comedies aren’t for everyone; after all, who wants to watch unrealistic stories about ordinary people ‘coupling’ when we can watch Captain America wielding Mjolnir, hordes of people being slaughtered by zombies, stories of ghosts and goblins, explosions in action films and high-speed car chases, vampires, and battles that include literal spaceships years into the future? However, every once in a while, a romantic comedy pops up that truly grabs your attention. You’ve Got Mail is that romantic comedy, a pleasant and warm-hearted fluff remake of the incredibly profound “The Shop Around the Corner” from the 1940s.

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You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you like Meg Ryan, check her out in Top Gun. Tom Hanks fans should see him in Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, Cast Away, or Cloud Atlas.

The Movie Review

You’ve Got Mail reunites Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan for the second time in a film as rival bookstore owners Joe and Kathleen. She runs a Mom & Pop shop, meanwhile, Joe’s character is expanding his retail chain nearby.

The love affair starts out as a battle between businesses, however, the pair is unaware that they are also internet pen pals madly in awe of each other’s words. Thus ensues an extremely cute, gloriously cookie cutter, and highly entertaining tale of two people uniting in a love affair for the ages, set aptly during the holiday season in New York City.

This romantic comedy has a really warm atmosphere, which is also a bit sad at times due to the main characters and the problems that they’re dealing with. The film has a lot of emotion, it’s a melodrama so the director Nora Ephron pushes on that particular aspect from its actors and that exact reaction from its characters. Though despite having a really solid start, and even a really good middle portion of the film, it has an overly predictable and really simplistic ending that does detract from the overall experience.

Meg Ryan plays a righteous girl in this film. She’s wary of her principles and aside from the early clash at the beginning about business, the two characters gradually grow mutual respect and of course; a romantic interest in each other as well. The chemistry is glaring, as Hanks’ portrayal of an uber-rich businessman is fabulous as always. He appeals to his audience by providing those skillful mannerisms that he is so popular for. Ryan is a bit too sentimental in this film, but it’s appropriate due to the struggles she’s facing in the film, and it is a romantic comedy melodrama.

While there may not be much to love visually about this at all, there isn’t much to dislike either. It’s a cookie-cutter romantic comedy, so the cinematography is as good as you would expect. It’s definitely better than Nora Ephron’s previous work such as Sleepless in Seattle, but cinematographer John Lindley doesn’t really do that great of a job of it here in all honesty.

The film has a soft glow to it, which does highlight the romantic undertones and Moody atmosphere of it, but it also takes away from the emotional power that it could have had if it focused a bit more on that atmosphere.

The Music

Another reason this film works so well is the music, both in terms of song selection and placement in specific scenes. The musical interludes, which depict Hanks and Ryan at various stages of their relationship against the backdrop of New York City, are completely effective; the city comes alive during these scenes, adding character to the overall atmosphere of the film. Though the soundtrack itself isn’t that great, the songs for this film that were selected are fantastic.

The Verdict

I would have to say that this film’s script is definitely not perfect, nor is the writing good enough for me to forego the melodrama. However, the film feels like a time capsule, and it’s definitely a worthy watch for everyone. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are a duo to die for, the chemistry is what keeps this film’s script from completely trashing the two lovers’ journey. I’m not sure why it took me so long to watch this film, but I’m quite glad that I did watch it! Now, I can surely say that it is definitely better than 90% of the romantic comedy garbage that is being put out.

You've Got Mail
You've Got Mail is a romantic comedy-drama starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Download it now and see what happened between Frank Navasky and Kathleen Kelly.
6.5 Total Score
You've Got Mail Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The chemistry between Hanks and Ryan is phenomenal, so are their performances
  • The song choices and usage are great
  • The film has a decent plot!
  • Visually the film is quite boring
  • The script itself is not very interesting, with the dialogues being too corny at times
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