Zootopia known as Zootropolis in Europe) is an American animated picture, created by alt Disney Animation Studios. The movie tells the story about the rabbit policewoman, who moves from the countryside to a large city of Zootopia. The city is inhabited by animals. The pictures had its premiere on 11 February 2016. The movie can be downloaded from iTunes, either in HD or SD quality.

What is Zootopia All about

Zootopia’s plot centers around the story of village rabbit Judy Hoops who always dreamed of joining the ranks of the animal police. She has her ideals but her world crumbles when on the very first day of her duty she is ridiculed by her colleagues at work and is relegated to service the parking meters in the streets which isn’t exactly what she wants to do. Judy, as a result of a lucky turn of events, discovers a dark intrigue, which involves some of the most powerful people in the city. Together with her friends she will solve a criminal puzzle and will restore the order to the world.

The main characters of the movie are:

  • the abovementioned Judy Hopps,
  • her friend Nick Wilde, the fox,
  • the assistant of the mayor – Dawn Bellwether, very a small sheep
  • a famous pop singer Gazelle, dubbed by Shakira herself
  • a police chief, the buffalo by the name of Chief Bogo,
  • the city mayor, the lion Leodore Lionheart,
  • and the sloth Flash

The music and the Narration in Zootopia

The author of the musical score is the well-known composer Michael Giacchino. The score (as well as the movie) was nominated and rewarded in the industry competitions. As we already know Shakira dubbed the pop singer Gazelle. Especially for the movie, she performed the song Try Everything.

Zootopia in a very interesting way shows the animals in stereotypes. The city is governed by the lion, the mayor. The policemen are bears, buffalos and rhinos. A cunning fox is a con man, while in the public transportation (DMV or Department of Mammal Vehicles) work the slow sloths. The movie shows the plot in a captivating way, mixing in the elements of action movies, gangster movies or science-fiction space operas. We can easily see references to the classic pictures, like Godfather.

Zootopia deals with important social themes such as women emancipation and their attempts to raise in the world dominated by males pictured as predatory, ravenous animals. It does not change the fact that it is still a great and funny animated movie. Zootopia or Zootropolis is a picture directed at a young viewer, but of course, also the adults will find it very appealing. The movie carries an important message that can be a lesson for children. It’s also worth to note that the storyline of Zootopia is inspired by a book by Artemis Fowl.


Zootopia (or Zootropolis) is a Walt Disney animated picture which is loved by both the children and adults. Download it today and have fun.

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